FLATtv 6

     FLATtv 6

The sixth FLATtv is now available and I would like to provide you an insight into the content. FLATtv Vol. 6 covers the spring and summer of this year which means you will surely see footage from all the big contests. In addition there are 2 rider parts, a scene check, the dreamsessions and lots more.

Let’s start with the sessions. The Summer Sessions chapter shows you what some European riders did this summer. Sebastian Pospischil makes some of his long, smooth and brakeless combos. Moreover the dutch flatland scene is well presented by Alain Ballering, Jordy Kersten, James Alberto and some more riders.
I don’t know your dreams but Renato really has some interesting ones. In his Dreamsession riders like Justin Miller, Michael Sommer, Terry Adams are present. Definitely no nightmare.

Ninja Spin 2005, Worlds 2005 and the BMX Masters are the 3 covered contests. No doubt, these contests are big and international. So you can be sure to see nearly all the well known riders. In addition Renato presents some less known riders. To sum it up shortly : 53 different riders from different countries with different styles. It should not get boring with this great trick diversity.

And now, the Eberswalde scene check. If you are not from Germany you will probably say “Eberswalde ? What ? Who ? Where ?” Eberswalde is a small town with about 40.000 inhabitants in the east of Germany. Nothing special so far but Eberswalde has a big and active flatland scene. These guys visit every contest they can and normally this means that they travel for hours in slow german trains. But this chapter shows them at home in their town. They present us their tricks at their local spots like the old gymnasium. Surely you will recognise them at the next contest.

Raphael Chiquet and Daniel Fuhrmann have their own chapters. You will see some of Raphael’s fast and crazy g-turn moves at the Ninja Spin, the Worlds and the BMX Masters. The german KHE pro rider Daniel Fuhrmann was filmed at his previous home town Eberswalde ( now you should not say “Eberswalde ? What ? Who ? Where ?” ).

Between the chapters you will always get some little appetizer from the FLATtv team members the Walt, Bram Verhallen, Sebastian Pospischil and Jason Forde. The bonus material includes the Just Ride, Suelo vs St.Martin and Making of chapters. As the name implies Just Ride shows some nice tricks and combos by various riders like Arnaud Gravey, Karin Bleile or Manuel Ortiz. Then you will see some Suelo and St.Martin frames including their riders and the results of these combinations. In the Making of chapter Renato makes a little retrospect of his spring and summer travels. And then everything is over and you will ask yourself “Where is the summer got to and when will he come back?” Until you will find the answers you can buy a memory of him.

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17th of October 2005 - Lisa