Flattalk with George Manos

This interview was published on livetoride.hu in Hungarian and English. Attila interviewed George after the OSG contest in Budapest, Hungary.

Good day sir! How are you doing? What are you up to?

Good day to you my friend!I’m doing fine at the moment , I am currenntly doing an interview!


How are your things going in life? Study, work, girlfriend, family?

Strange things happen to me lately but I would say it’s good if you look the whole picture…More specifically on the questioned regions: I have to finish my philosophy thesis this year , I’m currently looking for any job opportunities regardless of my field of expertise, „girlfriend”…mmm not exactly, „family” still holds on and supports my dreams!

What is the most inspiration for you these days, regarding your riding?

The adventure of getting into a world of pretty much endless creative opportunities and just explore the possibilities, trying a trick and finally pulling it is an exceptional feeling, thats what i’m looking out lately more and more, trying to pull new things everyday, it works sometimes.The idea of creating new, more innovative tricks, obscure and unseen, combing whatever skills I’ve learned so far and use them in order to build something extraordinary. I think it’s the main theme that runs through my head for the last 5 years, from time to time things are getting done, getting me closer to the conclusion of this „project”.

Do you have any new tricks, directions or ideas to work on?

I got lots of new tricks, mostly variations of already done tricks, adding up some details, building up small combos, expirementing 80% of my time!The hard thing is to make new trick positions with no connection to any other common trick, this is something that you get only by divine intervention and does not come very often. I also have tricks that I work for years and i’m still far away I hope at some point i’ll get the knowledge of their balance point and bring forth the unimaginable.


What is „your concept” when its about riding? Can you summarize your way in BMX?

I have a specific way when it comes to portray riding. There are some factors that have a key role and make what I want to present distinguishable.i’m talking about: Darkness and light, music, art , ritual,atmosphere.Every detail/movement free from boring existing forms excites me, I long for a new way of movement in order create a beautiful yet essentially hard in execution figure.Sounds like an never-ending journey to perfection.

Summary: I want my riding to be thought-provoking,I like to create things that people couldn’t even imagine, and surprise them by bringing the non-existent to existence.

How is the scene in your town/area, and in Greece in general?

There are around 15 riders all over Greece, me and a friend where I live, it’s a mix of riders you can find in any country , I think what I need to mention is that there are people with character and ideas among others. Greek riders are riders of faith, to each his own , but you are forced to do this if you want to ride here. I’m glad I’ve met the right people in my early years of riding, it helped me develop my whole way of visioning things and to reinforce my beliefs in order to follow the path I found more suitable and thus making reality the most of my dreams so far, for which I am very grateful.

What do you think about nowadays flatland?

Progressive for sure, copy and originals at the usual measure. Street is a good „fashion” it helped flatlanders think „out of the box”, it starts getting a bit cliche though. But I have to confess that I ride street from time to time, helps getting all the tension out and extend your abillities, relax the mind from all the flatland complicated thinking . I enjoy watching good street, its all bmx in the end, but we should be more conscious on what we see and what we end up doing. Dont let your self get carried away by a trend, just use whatever benefits you and fits you.

Did you like the OSG weekend, and Hungary?

The whole week I stayed was awesome, everyone was friendly and I enjoyed the hungarian hospitality first hand.The event was massive, it was great to hang out with all the guys I only have the chance to see at flatland events , also I haven’t seen so many 15-17 year olds gathered before , I felt like an old man..!Stories? All I have to say is that I laughed my ass off every night, maybe I shouldn’t reveal any more details…!

Shoutouts, sponsors, etc.

The thing we call God,family,friends,Heresy,Rideon distribution in Greece for the support!Last but not least you Attila for this interview and everyone who spent a few minutes to read this!

2014-01-28 - Attila / livetoride.hu