Flatstyles 2

     Flatstyles 2

The first Flatstyles event was held in july 2004. There had never been a flatland-only event before the Flatstyles1 which turned out to be an unexpected success. This summer Flatstyles2 was THE event for many local and non-local flatland riders highlighting the summer of not-that-many riding events. The jam took place at southern tip of downtown Helsinki area, at public ball court located in Ruoholahti or "ruohis" as we locals like to call it.

My day started off early noon with last minute bike check and packing up some gear, drinks and food. Some 3 liters of frozen juice packed inside a beanie, snacks, cookies etc and my old faithful Hammer 2Z shinguards were packed aswell although i forgot to use them (again).
I picked up a friend at the railway station and we took off from there to Ruoholahti. Once we arrived there was just a handful of people present and i thought to myself "shit, is this all weīre seeing today!?" but luckily more people started to gather up within the next hour or so. In total there was more or less about 40-50 people present in and out of the event. The weather was great although there had been quite a few rainy days and thunderstorms during the past few days. Ruoholahti ball courtīs reddish surface gets very hot on direct sunlight and usually riding for hours is very exhausting without any refreshments/water etc. However, iīm not complaining once itīs finally hot cause the weather is usually crappy over six months out of the year.

Just like last year, the riding went down in cycles. Some were more shy than other, some just wanted to watch and some had came just to hang out and enjoy.

There were times when people were just chilling out on the sides of the court and the next minute everyone was riding at the same time. Even though the ball court IS big, thereīs room for only so many riders spinning/rolling at the same time untill they start to crash on to eachother.

There was riders from Helsinki and nearby areas and from allover finland. Guests from Estonia, Sweden and Russia had arrived earlier in the week to ride with us. From the pro section there was the KGB guys with Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Kimmo Haakana and the fresh world champion from Austria, Michael Sommer. The spontaneous jam circle put on by the pro riders was great. It is impossible to name out the tricks cause so much stuff was going on the same time. Sadly, Martti had to hold back his riding and his most difficult stunts a bit cause heīs still recovering from his right hand injury heīs had for some time now. However, loads of good stuff went down by the pros and amateurs as well and the overall level of riding was very impressing through out the jam.

We saw young riders from the age ten plus putting out their best stuff to few veteran riders in their thirties including myself. Just like last year, we were again lucky to witness the presence of finlandīs first freestyle rider called Sami Suni or "Sam" as most people call him. Sam has been there from the beginning, from the time no one in finland even knew what freestyle bike was. Sam threw in a classic Fork stand for everybodys pleasure though he didnīt bring his own bike this time.

Martti and Viki brought some of their KGB-goods for display and purchase which included the Psychonnecta frame in four beatiful colors, the "Sarvet" and "Return" bars, "Trilogy" sprockets, "Rhytmn" grips and "Control" pegs. The stuff was handed out in ghetto fashion directly from the trunk of the car (which was a beat up Mercedes Benz by the way ;) ).

Red Bull was there to promote their stuff in form of free drinks with two hot babes handing them out to everybody interested.
As the day went by it was time for B&B which stands for barbeque and beer (for some). The athmosphere was very relaxed at this point. Those who still had the energy to ride were riding like crazy and the rest were just hanging out eating, talking and whatever. It was one of the best days this summer.

Again, warm thanks to everybody who attended with or without bike and weīre looking forward to see you again next year at Flatstyles 3!

More Photos: here
Photo Credits: Mr. Pekka Kemppi and Timo "2Fresh" Lanki

23rd of August 2005 - Timo "2Fresh" Lanki