Flatmonkey Flatland Shows

While there are so many great flatland riders out there pushing the limits with contest, demos, events and more. A small town U.S. Military guy in northern Texas is doing something a little different. Flatmonkey Bmx owner and rider Chris Ridener travels the U.S. during his off time from serving the country and performs different venues of outreach shows for young children. This includes schools, churches, festivals, concerts and more. Not only does he perform himself but, he is imagealways bringing young and talented Bmx riders to the team and helping them get a good foundation of Bmx and the opportunity to perform in front of large crowds. Chris has never claimed to be the greatest flatland rider in the world but, at 34 with a career and family he works hard to advance and stay involved with the flatland brotherhood. Flatmonkey Bmx is about outreach and introducing new and young people to flatland and the Bmx lifestyle. His hard work and dedication has taken him on a serious sponsorship roller coaster ride but, in the end he has found a few places to call home. Chris is happy to be riding for Airspeed Shoes, SE Bikes, Typecast Clothing, VisionsXpressed, Texoma Cycling Center, and Expo Bmx to name a few.
Chris states that his sponsors support him not because he is on the cutting edge of the next big trick but, because he is always working on projects and reaching out to young people. Chris does many shows and performs for free unless he has to travel outside the state of Texas . His organization relies heavy on fund raising to travel. Team Flatmonkey Bmx has been blessed and is working on a small flatland school in their local community and in Odessa, TX. They also are currently getting sponsorship donations to send for the Indy Contest and Voodoo Jam this year. Chris says he has a hard time making it to contest because of his military schedule and performing outreach shows but, wants the flatland community to know Flatmonkey Bmx exist. His organization is built on flatland and he wants to reach out and help the flatland community however he can.
Chris also says that he knows that not everyone in the flatland world will appreciate the website or agree with all the content but, he hopes that more flatlanders will visit and embrace some of the things added to the site each week. Christianity is a big part of what Flatmonkey Bmx is all about. He says,"We know not everyone in Bmx has the same beliefs and we respect that." He just hopes riders will visit the site and look around. Flatmonkey Bmx is working on becoming a non-for-profit organization to help expand and outreach to more youth organizations and the flatland community. Chris wants flatlanders to know that although the site mentions donations and other forms of financial support he is not looking to make money from riders. He is just happy to have riders visit and check out weekly and monthly updates and new content they will be adding. He wants the site and organization to include a little bit of something for everyone.

Check out the site at www.flatmonkeybmx.com

2008-02-06 - Christopher