Flatmonkey BMX Summer 2009 Update

imageFlatmonkey Bmx team riders Chris Ridener and Caleb Stark has been busy through the summer introducing flatland bmx to a variety of spectators at Storybook Island Theme Park.  Through their adventure and shows during the summer they landed a premire spot at Hills Alive Concert Series that hosted well over 10,000 spectators.  With travel, demo, and special events Chris and Caleb have been busy with shows and daily practice.   Most recently Chris and Caleb have teamed up with 1in3 Trinity Energy Drink www.1in3trinityenergydrink.com to go on a fall flatland bmx tour.  Chris and Caleb will be traveling to Rapid City, SD/Sturgis, SD/Hot Springs, SD/Keystone-Mount Rushmore/Crazy Horse Mountain/Deadwood, SD/ and the Badlands.  imageThe idea behind this trip to introduce more people to flatland bmx and hand out free samples of the 1in3 Trinity Energy Drink.   The tour will start sometime late September.   There are other sponsors joining the tour and Flatmonkey Bmx is just looking forward to a relaxed travel schedule loaded with meeting new people, riding flatland, and having a good time.  The tour will kick off in Rapid City with a morning radio interview on 97.1 The Point.   The team wants people to know Flatmonkey Bmx is about working with people of all ages to set a positive example and show that flatland is fun, creative, and about having fun.  image Chris Ridener has owned Flatmonkey Bmx since 2001 and Caleb joined the team this past winter.  Chris stated, " Caleb Stark is a creative rider and has helped pushed me to be better and learn more."  He went on to say, " Flatmonkey Bmx has always been a family team and Caleb is a big part of the family."   Chris and Caleb are also working on shooting a GoPro video with flatland action shots from a riders perspective.   They will be annoucing more news soon as the team has some interesting offers on the table for summer 2010 and they hope to build more support via meeting new riders and friends.   Flatmonkey Bmx is also sponsored by Airspeed Shoes and wanted to drop a note for everyone to check out their new website and new merchandise at www.airspeed.us these shoes are very affordable and they get better and better each year Caleb and I swear by them because they last forever.

Flatmonkey Bmx


2009-09-16 - Flatmonkey Bmx






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