Flatland Jam Menen 2006

     Flatland Jam Menen 2006

Photos credits: www.kemo.be

For the third time, Barre from Menen decided to share his love for flatland with his colleagues by opening a sports hall (in which he is allowed to ride from time to time), to the public.
The entrance was free, and some fresh hip-hop beats were provided by local dj’s and friends of barre: Dj’s Oxes and Rahfen. When me and Manu (who hurt his shoulder which resulted into not riding much) rolled up to the sports hall Saturday afternoon, there were already a lot of people ready and representing.

A lot of guys from Lille, including the master of track stand variations Mike Bureaux (who whooped everyone’s ass in the unofficial stupid trick contest which took place near the end of the session that day). Melvyn from Brussels and Tom from Ghent who took a break from studying to get some riding done, as well as the famous three from Amien: Pierre-Alex, Eric, and Gauthier. All very cool guys and up and coming riders!
And last but not least the guys (and one girl: Eelke) who decided to take the trip from Uden, Holland, to have a relaxed session.

The session went on until about 9pm, but a lot of people who lived further away went home earlier. When everybody was tired, we wrapped things up and showed the Amien crew what Belgian fries are all about. It was amazing to witness them eat their meals at an extremely slow rate (especially Pierre-Alex)! Afterwards we went to play some pool at a local bar and watched a lot of flatland DVD’s at Barre’s place until 4 in the morning.
With a bad night’s rest (thanks to Manu’s extensive snoring) I woke up kind of dizzy and tired but a good cup of coffee and some breakfast fixed that soon enough.
At around 11:30h, two guys from Antwerp called us to ask when the hall would open because they were already there… Talk about hardcore! Alex Jumelin came all the way from Paris together with his wife and son to come ride in Belgium, and he took Jimmy Petitet along for the ride. Unfortunately, Alex broke his seatpost after only half an hour of riding. But Manu went on a mission to fix the problem and found a file somewhere to cut a piece of his seatpost (it wouldn’t fit in Alex’s Psychopower with small seattube). He wasn’t able to ride much anyway, so he just took some pics instead.
There were less people this day but we still had a very good time (at least I did!) and everybody rode hard. Bram, Sytse and James from Holland were planning to come too, but James’ car broke down that day. Bummer!
Jimmy looked kind of bored sitting behind his table selling Stereo Panda gear, maybe he should have brought his bike instead of his nice lacqué shoes!

The only problem was that the floor was kind of slippery and you had to watch out with carving tricks. I got used to it pretty fast but it was still pretty impossible to do some links the way you wanted them to.
On Sunday, Ken a.k.a. Kemo came by to film and take some photographs. Check out his website for the result www.kemo.be.

All by all, this jam was a success once again. Thanks go out to Barre for organising the whole thing by himself, Dj’s Oxes and Rafhen who were spinning the decks for two full afternoons (FOR FREE! Big props), and of course everybody who came over to Belgium!

See you next jam!

12th of January 2006 - Alexis Bracke