Flatground 2005

     Braun Flatground 2005

Flatground 5 took place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 24th September 2005. Soulcycle, Braun and Adidas invited to their contest. 47 pro riders from various countries all over the world came to present top level flatland riding at its best!

The competition started of at the second of two contest areas. The DJs and Scott O’Brian ‘The Announcer’ put the crowd into flatland-action-mood. There were 2 flats at the riders’ disposal, one for permanent practice, on the other one the prelims took place. The 47 riders got divided into 5 heats, each rider having 2 minutes time for qualifying for the finals. The large number of pro riders gave the crowd the chance to see all sorts of flatland riding styles.

Unbelievable techniques by the Japanese, especially by Youhei Uchino, super fast riding style, and Hiro. Super hard but controlled riding by the KGB riders Raphael, Alex, Viki, Martti, not to forget Pete Brandt who is KGB sponsered, too. Besides Pete from the US we saw some fine riding by Jesse, Justin Miller, James McGraw and Matt Wilhelm who all made it to the finals. I was happy to see Stephane ‘Pokemon’ Suini back on his bike (no more back probs, i guess). Adam Kun was there, he didn’t ride though. But OG Co. was well represented with some fine technical riding by Peter Sarlos. From the Netherlands there were Bram and Sytse Winkel. Unfortunately no UK rider made it to the finals; Lee Musselwhite, James Smith, Sam Foakes and Effraim Catlow, who probably deserved to be in the finals.
The finals took place at the main contest area of the Westergasfabriek (the well known round building). At 9:30 pm the floor, the lights, the music, Mr. Scott O’Brian and the riders were ready to start of the 1 on 1 battles of Flatgound 5.

Now Scott was on operating temperature. He drew the lots for the following battle situation ( left side ).

It was a great battle and very entertaining. All the riders gave their best, some were unlucky with some combos but that’s what’s flatland like. Much respect also to Scott O’Brian who was enthusaistically jumping all over the place and the riders (believe me). He was just having a great time, projecting that feeling onto the crowd. Good job, man!

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One thing I’d like to mention before this article ends... From the point of view that Flatground 5 was a cool entertaining happening I cannot say anything against it. But at the moment there are some controversy about the results and judging system. And it seems like there is not only a discussion about it but also a movement. We will have to see how this thing will develop in the future.


We will be back at Flatground 6!

30 min video of the pro qualifiers and finals: here
Photos: here



1. Thomas Noyer
2. Pal Varga
3. Sascha Heydemann
4. Alejandro Alexandridis
5. Daisuke Akiyama
6. Thomas Hirsch
7. Rene Bick
8. Francis Bessiere
9. Eiji
10. Navid Saleki
11. Mike Plas
12. Paul Chamberlain
13. Naoaya Wada
14. Rui Catalao
15. Kelly Baldwin
16. Jussi Laukkanen


1. Viki Gomez (Spain)
2. York Uno (Japan)
3. Pete Brandt (USA)
4. Raphael Chiquet (France)
5. Alex Jumelin (France)
6. Justin Miller (USA)
7. James Mc Graw (USA)
8. Travis Collier (Canada)
9. Martti Kuoppa (Finland)
10. Michael Steingräber (Germany)
11. Hiroya Morizaki (Japan)
12. Matt Wilhelm (USA)
13. Sebastian Pospischil (Germany)
14. Bram Verhallen (NL)
14. Jesse Puente(USA)
16. Ryoji Yamamoto (Japan)

17. Gilles van de Sompel
18. Dominik Nekolny
19. Michel Dufek
20. Martin Drazil
21. Benoit Clement
22. Timo Quitter
23. Bodean Maarsen
24. Joey Amadgusta
25. Henri de Wilde
26. Petr Finda
27. Sam Overgoor
28. Alexis Bracke
29. Alain Ballering
30. Sabil Camel
31. Geert Knappe
32. Robert Martinovic
33. Metten Maas
34. Jordy Kersten

Under 18

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Dez Maarsen
3. David Linszen
4. Vladan Msyka
5. Joren Frielinnk
6. Frank van der Gaag
7. Michael Bennekom


1. Karin Bleile
2. Mary Meuret
3. Eelke James

30th of September 2005 - Patrick König