Flatcrap DVD


Here we go again! This time my review is about Flatcrap which was produced by Dane Beardsley and edited by Don Fury. I contacted Dane about 2 weeks ago via e-mail and asked if I could get a copy of flatcrap. Fortunately he said yes cause I was really looking forward to this video. I read about it first on pedalbmx and as I read names like Aaron Behnke, Brian Tunney and of course Alexis I began to drool over flatcrap. So a big THANKS goes to Dane for sending me the DVD.

Ok before I start writing something about the single riders on the video Iīll try to give a general impression of flatcrap. This video is pure riding. No accessory parts, no senseless stuff, but straight riding. Maybe Dane called it Flatcrap because you could have a look from another point of view and then say this video is crap. There is no mega nice looking menu, no crazy video effects, the cam was sometimes jiggling a little bit and bla bla. But do you know what there is ? There is excellent riding and thatīs what really counts in my opinion.

So letīs start with Leif Valin. I know him from Props Groundwork and there I skipped his part nearly every time because I couldnīt stand to see his baby-blue handlebar lol. It looks like heīs still riding the same handlebar but itīs green now so I had no problems this time ;-)
The way heīs doing tricks looks so easy because heīs doing them quite slow and smooth. He turns for example from an x-handed peg manual to an upside down wheelie and does whiplashs that look like cream.

Jody Temple is the second rider. Heīs doing a lot of rolling tricks, too. Backpacker seems to be one of his favourite tricks. Untill this point I thought Flatcrap is a flatland-only video but Aaron Behnkeīs part proved that wrong. He seems to be a good street rider, too, and it was refreshing to see some street scenes.

Main menu of Flatcrap

Dane reserved a section in the video to himself including some dirt and street riding. Heīs doing endless rolling combos that are very cool and relaxing to see.

Alexis Desolneux
For me the highlight was still outstanding ;-) I waited for Alexis and he was coming. Seeing Alexis on a video is always nice. When you see him on a contest he often canīt do his tricks because he needs a lot of space that he canīt get in practice. But in videos you can see what he can really do. And he shows some of his amazing links in Flatcrap, hitchhiker and backpackers in all forms and colors. Itīs just fun to see him pulling that hard, fast stuff without brakes.

After all that long combos itīs time for some flashy ( remember that word from KOG ? ) stuff. Brian Tunneyīs combos come straight to the point. You should watch his part several times to understand that crazy stuff. Furthermore heīs combining flatland and street. Jumping up a curb und doing a hang five; very original and one of my favourite riders on flatcrap.

You can see one of Brian Tunneyīs short links in our trailer. Yepp correct global-flat got a trailer of flatcrap ;-) I asked Dane if I could make one cause I think there is no trailer of flatcrap out there. Please donīt kill me because of the bad quality but Iīm not a video editing professional.

What you definitely shouldnīt miss is the bonus material. There you got more footage of all the riders plus some KEVIN JONES footage.

Time to put it all in a nutshell. Let me explain Flatcrap with a sentence from Props Groundwork "Let originality define your individuality". This video is a must-have for your DVD collection.

Trailer ( 17.5 MB - 1 minute - DivX ): download here or here.

You can buy this DVD on Liquid Frame, Flatlandfuel, Danscomp or directly from Dane (flatcrap2004@hotmail.com)

4th of December 2004 - Martin Schulz