Flat TV 5

     Flat TV 5

Thanks to Sebastian Pospischil from kunstform.org who wrote the review.

I think it’s amazing how Flattv, the first European Flatland Videomagazine advanced since Issue No. 1. The Quality got way better and the step from vhs to dvd was amazing. Since then, it advanced to one of the best-selling flatland-dvd’s!
Like the name says, Flattv provides a very good view on whats going on in the European Scene! Our first stop on this issues journey takes us to a Nightsession with the Netherlands finest Flatland-dudes! Good vibes and nice to see how they advanced!

“Let’s go to Berlin city, the capital of Germany!” Matti Röse set up a huge contest in “Erichs Lampenladen”, the former seat of government of the DDR (German Democratic Republic). Heavy vibes and tricks with the perfect sound of Berlin (SIDO represent!)

After that, we travel trough France and cross the channel to check Londons scene! Different, never seen before riders mix up with your favourite pro riders like Jason Forde and James Smith. Some of you may definately miss Phil Dolan and James White, seems that they don’t ride anymore or stay in the underground!
After that nice session, it’s time to chill and watch the Winter Jams, again with Netherlands Finest and some incredible links of Alex Jumelin! “Speaking of Alex, he definatley rocked at the Circle Cow, along with Viki!” “Yeah dude, and have you ever seen such confusing links that Nicolas Ferrando is doing?” “Pretty rad, dude!”

The next morning: “Hey wake up guys, lets do some filming with FLATtv Teamrider Jason Forde!” Incredible long links and confusing directions! Seems that this guy has no prefered “regular” side! Last stop: CSSR! Watch out for KGB-Agents! Deadly Moves and Weapons! It’s unbelievable what Alex Jumelin learned since I last saw him!!!
“Ok, time to go to bed now! Have some nice dreams!” Brakeless Steamrollerjump to Halfpacker? Cliffhanger Jump to Steamroller? Opposite halfpacker Bodyvarialjump to inside regular Halfpacker? Forward Tomahawk to –I can’t imagine- Inside Halfpacker? Go figure!!!

Crazy journey and definately worth the money! Even the Bonus contains rad Footage (German Pro’s, Just Ride!, old footage of Issue 1 & 2)! I also recommend to get all the Songs, put it on your portable music-device and go out riding!!!

Trailer ( 4 MB - 40 sec - Quicktime - Source: flattv.tk ) :
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You can buy Flat TV for 25€ on kustform.org

15th of April 2005 - Sebastian Pospischil