Fieldcontrol 2008

imageLet me just put it that way: this contest was an eyeopener in a lot of different meanings. First of all I gotta let you know about the organisation. There used to be a big ramppark on the contestarea but due to some politics like in Berlin with the mellowpark the streetriders lost their ramps and ground couple of years ago. You may remember (or not) the worlds 98 in Portugal. Well, that was the same organisation. Consisting all but one (Valter) of street and rampriders the crew put on a contest almost every year. After they lost the ramps they started to do flatlandcontests. To put it in words: it was a bunch of highly motivated streetriders who organised one of the best flatlandcontests this year.

Although the budget was low, there was everything that you need: a big smooth area, accommodations in like 1 min walking distance, good and relaxed vibe, a cool schedule with contest starting at 4pm, the sea, cheap food, nice party mile, good weather, giftbags for Am class and big pricemoney for pro. Now I´m asking myself if these reasons weren´t enough to travel to Portugal but unfortunately there were only 10 riders in the pro class and 19 in the Am class. Where was sSain? Where was the US? Where was Japan? imageWhere was Germany? Though Am was crazy! I´m not gonna mention names but it was a tough amateur class with contestants from France, Portugal, Colombo.. from difficulty to style to originality you could see all aspects of riding there! It was very nice to watch.
After the AM qualifying on Saturday the pros decided to do a 40minute show for the spectators because everybody got into the final anyways. It was a good feeling pumping through combos without pressure but more like a friendly jam session. Adam hit bangers, Matthias was turbining non stop, Alex was boomerangin, Sebastian hit whiplash walkarounds and Raph pulled a lot of nice backwheelswings and switches.

Sunday was final day. Valter made up a special battleformat that if I made it out right was about 2nd chances so if you loose a battle you could still have your turn and win. The contest was covered by portugese TV and they were stocked. It was a long time to go and Matthias didn´t take any 2nd chances and won the contest without a lost battle straight away. Glückwunsch! image(Congratulations!) Adam took second place with short but hard and original switches. The good vibe was all over the place and it was cool to talk to a lot of riders since none of the them was stressed.
If you wanna know more about fieldcontrol, check the vids on the website and / or be there next year.

Pro Results:

1st Matthias Dandois (France)
2nd Adam Kun (hungary)
3rd Michael Sommer (Austria)
4th Alex Jumelin (France)
5th Raphael Chiquet (France)          

Master Results:

1st Charles Paty (France)
2nd Bento Galado (Portugal)
3rd Mike Plas (France)
4th Leonel Cardoso (France)
5th Wilson Benavides (Colombia)

2008-09-22 - Michael Sommer