Encuentro Sudamericano de Deportes Extremos November 2007 in Chile

imageThe first Encuentro Sudamericano de Deportes Extremos was held November 16-18 2007 in Chile. The event was organized by a new brand of shoes called N3w Life. The event as a whole was a success, with top athletes from all over representing their sports.

In flatland, Jorge "Viki" Gómez was the special guest who was a competition juror and organized demos. This was one of the first times that an event of this type brought together riders from so many South American countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

imageOverall 25 flatlanders took part, with only 18 qualifying for the championship. The flatlanders from each country were:


  • Antonio Pagani
  • German Gamarra


  • Romulo Jacintho Guerra
  • Sergio Ricardo Santos “Balú”


  • Eduardo Tobar
  • Pedro Olivares
  • Carlos Jorquera
  • Claudio Amarillo
  • Leonardo Saldaño
  • Santiago Hernandez
  • Javier Cabezas
  • Jorge Gallardo
  • Raúl Figueroa
  • Max Aburto
  • Andrés Riquelme


  • Jonathan Camargo “Mechas”
  • Francisco Fonque
  • Esteban Palencia Contreras
  • Jerónimo Velásquez
  • Alexander Bedoya


  • Camilo Gutiérrez
  • Cliff Alania
  • Williams Pérez
  • Jorge Gabriel Nazario Castro
  • Marcel Hoss

The qualifiers were held on November 14 in a place called “The Circle" that is a spectacular, quiet spot surrounded by big trees with a grippy tile floor. The Circle has room for several riders at once, and it�s a great place to concentrate on training.

The event itself was held on a stage completely constructed from wood, with a giant screen and bunch of rooms. The first round of the battle was held on the 16th, the second round on the 17th, and semi-finals and finals followed on the 18th. In the end, riders Carlos Jorquera of Chile, Romulus Guerra of Brazil and Williams Perez of Peru led the way through the finals.

To decide the 4, 5 and 6 spots, there was another battle among Fabián Perez of Chile, Sergio Santos of Brazil and Camilo Gutiérrez of Peru. After the intense competition, the results were:

  1. Carlos Jorquera (Chile)
  2. Rómulo Guerra (Brazil)
  3. Williams Pérez (Peru)
  4. Sergio Santos (Brazil)
  5. Fabián Pérez (Chile)
  6. Camilo Gutiérrez (Peru)

image There were also some important meetings held at the event, including some important people such as Jaime Hubermann (Technical Manager of the Association of Olympian Sportsmen of Chile) and Peter Henningsen (Manager of Initiative of Skateparks Construction in Peru). Marcelo Lima of Brazil was also present as a juror, pushing the importance of creating a South American Flatland identity.

Chile has one of the largest scenes in South America. Some riders hail from all the way back in the 80s, and they had around 50 riders representing at the event.

Thanks to everyone who helped, collaborated, and gave us special treatment. We hope you visit us in Colombia soon!

Don�t miss the event next year (2008) in Peru. It�s sure to be bigger and better!

Photos: Encuentro Sudamericano de Deportes Extremos Gallery

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Website event: www.sudamericanoextremo.com

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