image"Dunamis, Amazing job on the contest! The battle format was awesome. Also, big props on finding such an amazing area to host the contest! The surface was absolutely perfect. In my 2.5 years of riding, I have never ridden on a more perfect surface, not to mention the scenery of it all was insane. BIG BIG BIG BIG PROPS!!"

Tyler Gilliard / 1st Place Expert / Florida

"The contest was pretty dope. The building itself was just EPIC. Just incredible to ride in there. Tons of great riding on the floor and outside all day long"

Jim Mckay / AM rider / Texas

Over a year of careful planning and preparation. Several months of scouting for the perfect venue. Hours and hours of cleaning, building, and construction. Promoting, marketing, and more planning, all for one "epic" event called ELEVATION5.

This event, being the 6th installment of flatland events by Dunamis Media, delivered to flatland not only the perfect riding facility, but did something for flatland that has never been done before. Dunamis was the first to ever offer a cash purse to expert riders, which to this date has only been a pro rider luxury. With over 75 riders in attendance and a few hundred spectators throughout the day, E5 should go down as one of the best AM events in flatland history. (ha, that sounded funny didn't it). But it's true, and here is what went down.

imageA pre-jam took place Friday night before the event, and if the riding that night was going to be any indication of what to expect for Saturday, then everyone was in for a treat. Riders filtered their way into Houston to the pre-jam spot, coming from as far as San Diego, Los Angeles, Arizona, Rhode Island, North Carolina, New Orleans, Florida, and all over Texas. By putting up a cash purse for expert riders only, the hopes for this event were to see some of the best expert riders from around the country who normally don't show up to contests. Those hopes were fulfilled as the event did just that, and the pre-jam gave everyone a taste of a very fresh, new take on a different kind of flatland event.

Saturday morning came quickly and the excitement and expectation that hovered over the venue was like that of a young kid on Christmas morning. It was going to be a good day, and even the weather was cooperating. As
the morning progressed, riders slowly began to pour in, and one after another you could see the volumes that their expressions were speaking. They were entering a flatland wonderland.

In addition to all of the wonderful AM and expert riders who made their trek to E5, many pro faces showed up to offer their support. Riders such as Terry Adams, Mickey Gaidos, Aaron Frost, Will Redd, Scott Ditchfield, Steven Hearn, and Houston's Art Thomason are just to name a few. All of these guys did some great riding and for the expert and Am riders to be able to ride next to these bigger names was a plus.

Several contests took place over the course of the day, there were lots of giveaways from some of the event's great sponsors, a phenomenal break dance demo by Houston's own "Vicious Germz" , DJ Ill-Set providing all the right music . . . all of this culminating into what would have to be, one of the craziest flatland battles ever seen.




The expert riders were narrowed down to six riders, five of them to be awarded part of the cash purse. The level of riding by these six riders could have been mistaken for a pro event, and they went at it like champions. They battled it out like bboys, with no order and no rules. As it began to get a little too dark under the covered area of the building, the battle was taken outside of the barricades and into another section of the building. It was as if everyone was following a few kids out to the school yard to see a fight or something out of a movie. The crowd gathered around the riders and they threw out their last few best tricks. When it was all over, and everyone caught their breath, Tyler Gilliard out of Florida walked away with first place and almost $900.00 in cash, Dan's Comp gift certificates, and Target gift cards.

A big thank you to all of the sponsors for this year's event. You helped make flatland history: RedBull, Target, Chick-fil-A, Maxxis Tires, Dirtwood Skatepark, PROPS Visual, Flatlandfuel.com, Dans Comp, Empire BMX, BMXfreestyler.com, ORP Bmx Shop, Chainlinkz.com, Intrikat, Diversion Video Magazine


1. Kenny Boucher
2. Johnathon Tamayo
3. Jesse Edwards
4. Mando Steven
5. Jim McKay
6. Rey Samonte
7. Clinton Majors
8. Randall Willis
9. Jason Childers
10. Paul Covey
11. Elias Odeh
12. Mark Dandridge
13. Josh Duffek
14. Marty Ferryman
15. Igor Castellanos
16. Juio Cotto
1. Tyler Gilliard
2. Dave Weathersby
3. Diego Tejada
4. Isaiah Jordan
5. Jared Dichara
6. Mike Moore
7. Jesse Cantore
8. Carey Matthews
9. Jean-William Prevost
10. Ryan Sanchez
11. Lee Edwards
12. Chadwick Davis
13. Danny Goms
14. Kelly Baldwin
15. Chris Balles
16. EZ Chris Anderson

2006-10-22 - Dunamis Media