Diversion Video Magazine Vol. 5

     Diversion Video Magazine Vol. 5

Diversion 5.0 is Bobby Carter’s passionate portrayal of flatland in Japan, prepared for our consumption in his inimitable style - detailed, sensitive and extremely entertaining. An absorbing dialogue, narrated by B. Carter, blended with superb camera work and the rich, vibrant settings of Tokyo and Yokohama make this the best Diversion DVD ever.

The whole production has quality oozing from every pore, from the titles and menus to the soundtrack, content and editing. Simply first class!

For an entrée we have an informal introduction to the culture and lifestyle of Japan, which flows along brusquely towards the first riding segment, shot in MM21 Park, Yokohama. Not before a few surprises mind…did you know that some public stairways in Japan feature metre-wide ramps to allow you to wheel your bike down? Just the thing for nose wheelie/ backyard practice!

The next thing that strikes you is the number of people out riding together given less-than-ideal weather conditions… the riders however appear oblivious to the weather and highly focused on their riding. One rider (Yosuke Sakuma) from this first segment you simply must see – not enough space to describe everything but the guy’s style and the soundtrack, taken together are truly, truly stunning. If your combo endings are becoming stale and you need inspiration, you’ve come to the right place…

The main course includes hardcore KOG coverage from round 1 featuring some familiar names to fans of the series like Kotaro Tanaka and Hiro Morisaki but also some lesser known faces as well who tear the place up with the honed, polished riding you expect from KOG, and a lady rider who reminds everyone what this game is all about – having tons of fun! Martti and Viki pass through on a KGB promotional mini-tour, and Terry Adams and Justin Miller also make appearances. You also get to see the scale of the event from an organizational perspective, and will recognize some of the judging panel from session clips elsewhere in the magazine.

For dessert, Bobby serves us a delightful combination of interview and riding from Tanaka, Tsutomo Kitayama and Yohei Uchino, KOG 2005 round 2 winner. Yes you do get to analyse that hectic backpacker pump move…Filmed in Shinjuku Chuo Park, a wide expanse of flat concrete surrounded by trees and a waterfall you witness a proper jam session without the tension of KOG. Dessert ends with a nice segment featuring terry Adams and a star struck fan…this really is a fitting end to a touching, almost romantic narrative of flatland, Japanese-style.
The bonus section includes coverage of this year’s Voodoo Jam, scene reports from Portugal and Costa Rica and an assortment of links/ combos in the ‘Diversion Gallery’. Plenty (30 minutes) to keep you busy long after the main feature has ended. With Diversion 5.0 the series really has come of age – this is an essential addition to all self-respecting flatland addicts’ DVD rack. Buy this DVD, ease back and prepare to be both educated and thoroughly entertained by an exquisite slice of flatland journalism.


Trailer: Download from diversionvm.com
You can buy the DVD on Liquid Frame ( 26$ )

28th of October 2005 - Carl Bourne