Diversion Video Magazine 2 DVD

     Diversion Video Magazine DVD Volume 2

Woow we got our first sponsor! It started like this: Bobby K. Carter from Diversion Video Magazine contacted me via e-mail and asked if I could put a link to the Diversion Website on our link list. Of course I did it and told him that Iīm looking for sponsors at the moment and if he would be interested in sending me the new volume of the diversion DVD. Well he said yes and a letter with the DVD in it started its travel around the half world...

9 days later it arrived here in Germany so I have to say at first: BIG THANKS TO BOBBY for sending me this awesome video! The cool thing with the DVD version of the magazine is that you have volume 3.0 and 4.0 on one DVD.

Main menu of the DVD

Of course I couldnīt wait longer and had to put that little disk into my DVD player. The first thing you see is the main menu of the DVD where you can choose which volume you would like to see or if you want to jump to a specific chapter.

Volume 3.0 starts with Erin Donato doing a fw hitchhiker in the dawn and the first chapter (Stéphane Royer) follows. I donīt remember where I saw Stéphane last time but his frontwheel combos are still incredible. The next riders are Art Thomason and TJ Perry who is presenting his garage where he is riding in every winter. During their combos you can hear little interviews of all the riders. About what they are doing when they don’t ride and what they think about flatland and other stuff.

The next chapter is about Brian Chapman. I have never seen somebody switching so easily from a halfhiker to a crossfooted halfpacker and his hitchhiker spins were also very very very fast. Erin Donate was somehow a premiere for me. I have never seen her in a video before. As she says in her interview she is riding quite fast and smooth.

Erin Donato

The last third of volume 3.0 is about Terry Adams and the south riders ( Simon O’Brien, Eugene Collins, Mickey Gaidos, Carey Matthews ). You should definitely watch this part till the end because you’ll see Terry riding in a storm and this is one of funniest things I have ever seen in a flatland video ;-)

Volume 4.0 starts as funny as 3.0 ends. You see Terry again doing pedaling deathtrucks over country roads, through cities and so on. The biggest man in flatland – Trevor Meyer – is the first rider on this volume. His riding is still very safe and he is doing crazy tricks that I haven’t seen before. One looks like a bw pedal deathtruck.

Bob Weatherbee and Anthony Durbano talk about their clothing company Harvester. Afterwards you can see some of Kotaro Tanakas smooth back wheel combos and Chad Johnstons mega stylish looking hang 5 combos. Australia is the continent where the last section of the Diversion Magazine takes place. Ross D. Lavender talks about the scene in Australia and the 2020 Magazine. It’s quite interesting to see what is going on down under.

Deathtruck on a country road ;-)

So if you put all together Diversion DVD Volume 2 is an interesting, humorous video. You can see riders from around the world and you got 2 issues on one DVD what makes it an interesting investment ;-)

So if you got 26$ you can buy this DVD on Liquid Frame

15th of November 2004 - Martin Schulz