Diversion 6.0

So let’s have a look at Diversion 6.0. On the cover we can see Jonathan Danker riding in Singapore and that already reveals where Bobby wants to take us once more. Right, to Asia.

imageAfter some introducing scenes we start our trip in Singapore. Bobby says a few words about the city and I directly start liking this DVD. It’s so refreshing to have some spoken comments in a flatland video. But not only Bobby is commenting, also most of the riders you can see, say at least a few words. That’s quite interesting because you also learn something about the way of life over there.

Singapore seems to have tons of great spots. We meet for example Anton Tang at night in a parking garage. Doors are open, no cars inside, white clean walls, very well-lit. Why can’t I find spots like this in my city ? ;-)

imageIt’s time to move to the north. We’re in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia now. The section is quite short and we only visit a jam session in some kind of multipurpose hall. Nevertheless we hear a few words from the locals and get an impression of Malaysia.

Next up is Japan. The first person we meet here is Fumiaki Okayama, he’s doing a cross-handed-pedal-hangfive to bar-spin-landing at the very beginning of this section. Whatever ?
Afterwards we visit several spots. Some of them are already known from Diversion 5.0 and you can start to feel like a Japan insider. Ahh, I know this spot .. Bobby shows a lot of underground riders in this section and my feeling is that the average level of riding is incredible high in Japan. Everybody is pumping and spinning it.


What do you associate with Japan ? Of course the KOG - King of Ground. Time to hit the Jykk bus and drive to Kobe. Bobby really managed to capture the atmosphere of this hugeimage contest. We all know the japanese hardcore riding level from several videos but in Diversion 6.0 you can also feel the spirit.

After this giant contest with hundreds of visitors we visit Yasushi Tanabe and his family. He started riding together with Shinsuke Ueda (“059 brand” owner) and shows us his styles and moves on a big empty parking lot surrounded by the mountained countryside.

After about 35 minutes the main part of our trip across Asia is over. But in the bonus section we can book a trip to the Ticos Jam 3 in Costa Rica. Furthermore there are 20 minutes of bonus footage from Trever Meyer, Dickie Sanders, Eugene Collins, Justin Miller and various riders in Kobe, Japan.

Diversion 6.0 is definitely a superb successor for Volume 5. Again bobby proves that he can keep and improve the high quality level of the previous issues. Great camera work, smooth soundtrack and awesome riding! Worldwide!

  • Life in Singapore as a flatlander.
  • Sessions in Singapore with riders from around Asia.
  • Ground Force Flatland Promotion
  • Join a session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Underground riders in Tokyo, Yokosuka, and Okayama.
  • Shotaro Teshigahara's Car Jump in the middle of Tokyo.
  • KOG Round #2 in Kobe.
  • Visit the unique life of Yasushi Tanabe in the Home of the Ninjas.
  • Approx. 20 Minutes of Bonus footage from Trever Meyer, Dickie Sanders, Eugene Collins, Justin Miller and various riders in Kobe, Japan.
  • Ticos Jam 3 segment from Fuel TV


2006-10-26 - Martin