Chris Böhm

imagePlease introduce yourself.

My name is Chris Böhm, I´m from Germany- Lörrach and 24 years old.

You just came back from the FISE, what do you think about it ?

It was great - the scenery and the ambiance on its own are for me a reason to come back next year. The surface hasn´t been so great, but the party and all the flatlanders and other bmx drivers have been great, and I´ve met Dave Mirra and Mark Webb which was a big pleasure.

First of all could you tell us which drugs you take to be so nervous all the time ?

I´m eating nearly each day flakes and I working daily with hyperactive patients .

When and how did you discovered BMX and flatland?

Since 1998/99 in the wintertime i ride BMX- Flatland. My mother made it possible, that I got a "Stratos Beginner Bike", which was about 16kg weight. So I could drive with my homeboys Daniel Hennig and Simon F. Around and do my first steps on this bike. In the same time, I quit my football training and we were just cruising around with our BMX. Through the magazine Freedombmx, Eurosport Xgames and trips to the cities Halle and Leipzig, we get in touch with BMX street guys, which were also knowing some moves on the ground.. Fascinated about that, we started to learn from them and half a year later, we started seriously and we lost our soul to flatland...

And what makes that you still ride flatland today?

BMX Flatland is for me a gift from god and it is my life, i will take my bike into my grave

imageInitially we felt a real inspiration for Jimmy Petitet, for style and tricks. Does he really inspired you or it is sheer coincidence?

The first time I saw Jimmy at the worlds 2000 Cologne- he was riding so different and much more stylish - also Kimmo Haakana - as the other rider there. I focussed always on style and Hip Hop and yes, it embossed me also a bit.  
Are there tricks, links or something that you have invented and which you are proud today?

Yes, I´m proud that I have my own riding style. I try the tricks without brakes, in style and movement fast to show - as I started with this I was the first one, I didn´t see that in a video
2003 - halfpacker 180° boomerang to steamroller brakeless)
2003/2004 - Barflips g-turns pumpingstyle without scuffling
2004/2005 - 360° barflip / crossfooted tomahawk to steamroller
StyleCombo- crossfooted nosewheeli to crossfooted inside mccircle to flipping pedalsteamroller gturns
At the moment I´m working on a very special trick, I just hope that nobody presents it before!

imageCan you tell us about your job at the hospital and what you do with children, therapeutic courses related to flatland?

It has always been a dream of me to connect my passion with my job. Besides bloodcollection, psychotherapeutic conversations and rounds with the doctor, I got the order to develop a kind of BMX therapy- training.
I think that is very positive. In cooperation with head physician- we ordered BMX bikes from KHEbikes. Since four weeks I teach the kids minimum four times a week. On the one hand it is a good training for coordination and balance, on the other hand it is a therapeutic option to strengthen the self-confidence of the patient. I created a achievement concept, which means the kids get some stuff for achieving a certain goal. That keeps them motivated. I have to thank KHEbikes, soulbmx for supporting us with stuff in that project.
If anyone else is interested in supporting us, feel free to contact me:
The German TV channel RTL will present my bmx therapy and my show the 30th of July at 22.15.

Tell us your story about the TV program that you´ve won?

In December 07, I had a show in one of the biggest german tv channels "SAT1" in a comedy programm called "Comedy Falle". This is as the name sais, a comedy programm with known german but also international stars and a talentsshow.


It was amazing, the size of the studio.. and I had a long fight to get osb woodslabs on the floor. During the show, I had no time for a warm up and just 90 sec to show my talent.. finally I won! There were 4 others, and one smashed about 30 coconuts with his hands while looking like the ones from hulk!! It was a big pleasure - but TV is a different world. 

imageYour life is closely linked to flatland - even your spot is in your living room! How and why did you choose to do that?

It became conscious to me already at the time when I infected myself with flatland that I sometime will possess a loft dwelling in which I can exercise my sport and live in it at the same time. In the year 2006, when I moved from Bitterfeld to Lörrach in order to work there as child patient male nurse, it was about the time to finally carry out this dream. Finally, by assistance of the city hall Lörrach and long time search, I found an old youth club with 110qm. Together with my girlfriend Claudia, I developed these tenderly and stylish and restored it with the help of my landlord. Afterwards I laid the soil out with OSB plates, in order to be able to ride optimally. Particularly now in the winter it is an enormous dream - no cold weather, no rain or wind, the worst enemy of a flatlander. I can ride whenever I want to and it is easier for me to coordinate my working time with my riding. I can suggest that to everybody!

How is it going with the sponsors? Who do you ride for now ?

  • My mainsponsor is Khebikes, they have (my opinon) at this time the best parts on the market.
  • My shoesponsor is Sykum (
  • Parano Garage supports me in all the "little" things I need for my bike and my therapy project 
  • ZooYork fits me with the hottest things, which is totally my style and Eastpak is sponsoring my backpacks.

imageTell us about your handlebar pro-model project.

A dream became trough - thanks to Khebikes! I´ve already designed a handlebar in 2002 with a good friend, but it was too heavy.
My handlebar, which I´m working on since a while, is called "BOUNCER Bar", because it fits to my person and style. It isn´t finished yet, I still have wishes and changes, because I use also the feedback from other pro riders, additionally I´d like to have special points like a thinner middle bar, which others don´t have. I like that the handlebar is so light, even so it is 7.5 inches high. It will be a surprise: Let it bounce..

Why this stubbornness for the weight?

My bike has a weight of about 8 kb at the moment. I think that with an lighter bike it is much easier and cosy to drive and you save power. 

imageYou do a lot of shows and your riding is perfectly suited to that. Do shows motivate you more than the contests? Would you like to do it like a job?

It is the mix, which I like! I do a lot of shows and I also like to do more of them in the future. But contests are a different world, you have to prepare yourself different and you get also pushed from the other riders in a completely other way! I´m more the showman and people are enjoying my skills - and that makes me happy and proud. From me flatland is not only a battle, it is fun and inspiration too. For show bookings visit:

What are your plans linked to bmx?

  • to design an own frame
  • to optimise and enlarge the bmx therapy
  • to ride more big TV shows, also in other countries and to show people, that bmx flatland is one of the hardest, but stylish and aesthetic sports oft he world! 
  • to be better on contest and to develop my own tricks

And outside the bike, you have other passions, projects?

Health, wellness and god - but the rest is all about BMX!

A message for the riders ?

Yes, live your dream and let no one destroy it. But health and family has priority.. I wish you caressing hours with your bike!

Someone to thanks ?

  • TG from Khe bikes
  • Hannes from Sykum
  • Robinson, Sandra and Valeska from ZOOyork
  • Jörg and Susi from Mediaheadz
  • kirshy and team from Parano-garage
  • Mini from Redbull for the Workshops
  • Danny from
  • Klaas from Eastpak
  • Fabienne Kilchmann
  • Jens from Breakless  

2008-06-18 - Manu Massabova, Chris Böhm