Check! Check! Rock! Flat Jam

imageEver since I started riding again 2 years ago, I always wanted to organize a Flatland Road-trip. Its always great fun traveling with a group of friends,having loads of fun,laughing all the way and riding with a large group of riders. When my good friend Boy Guaq informed me that the Check!Check!!Rock!!Flat Jam will be held on the 12th April, I got the train started and planned a Flatland Road Trip. Its been like more than a decade since my last road trip so I am really excited about it. I call this road trip the īDevise Perut Full Flatland Roadtripī. In this trip will be 5 Devisefellows representing Devise Clothing and of course, the mad bunch of PJ & KL Flatlanders!! īPerut Fullī means a tummy loaded with food in Malaysianimage language. There will be several pit stops to eat all the various food that is available along the way. Malaysia is famous for all types of food from all over the world and you can eat 24 hours a day here. 24 hour fast foods,Indian food,chinese food,Italian food the list goes on and on and its easy to gain 10 kilos in a few month here in Malaysia. Food is really cheap. A meal at a curry house with drinks will only cost like US$2 here.

We have 10 riders, 10 bikes and the cheapest rental van that my friend Aqib can find. Its a tight fit but we managed to get all bikes and riders into our van. The trip up north of Malaysia to Gurun took us 10 hours. We departed at 2 am and arrived in Gurun at 12pm. We stopped for food and gas along the way and arrived at the destination feeling sleepy and aching all over due to the tight fit in the van. The jam is held inside a department store in Gurun. Its indoor so we donīt have to worry about the hot sun and the monsoon rain. After some stretching n sleeping, some more food, everyone started riding and the music is already playing out loud. I didnt sleep at all but I rode as much as possible. Mat Dagu was also there busting allimage day with his front and rear wheel combos. Redza Pablo with some unique rear wheel style. Lan Ipoh with his consistent and smooth links. Zulkamal with his turbining,spinning īairī tricks. Pak Tam busting all day. Mat Bum riding as smooth as silk on his bright pink bike. The list goes on. The were like more than 35 riders and a lot of spectators at the jam. Riders aged from 10 years old and me, being the oldest at 38. I was feeling really tired but I rode as hard as I could and even busted my zipper open bailing.

The floor was a bit slippery at first but with 2 cans of Coke, a bucket of water and a mop, the floor was perfect and grippy. I rode all day till evening and had loads of fun. Its great to see and meet new friends that share the love of flatland. Its good to see junior riders and other riders progressing and getting better each day. I am sure the future of flatland in Malaysia is safe and will go a long way when thereīs jams, demos and competitions organized nearly every month in Malaysia. The jam ended in the evening and prizes were awarded to the link of day,most promising rider and also to the rider of the day. Mat Dagu ended with the link of the day, Redza Pablo being the most promising rider and the biggest surprise was I ended with the rider of the day award. I was really stoked because I didnīt expect to get anything from this jam. I just wanted to support this jam and ride all day till I pass out. I rode like a mad old fart as usual and getting this award will make me ride like a madder old farter in future!. Everyone went home happy and I am sure there will be more jams here in Gurun in future. I even suggested a competition named īKing Of Gurun (KOGr) to the planner of this jam Boy Guaq.

I want to give my props to Aqib, Anip PB, Ajim, Amirol, Fendy, Pak Kok, Rafik, Ilyas, Wantai, Zulkamal for joining me in the van for the roadtrip. To Boy Guaq, Abg Jitra, Mat Bum and the whole crew who organized the jam and also to all the riders who attended the jam!! It was a great roadtrip and there will be more to come in future. Thanks to Wantai for the nice photos!!


2008-04-15 - Rizal Barko