Carhartt Circle Cow 6

     Carhartt Circle Cow 6

I can’t get used to it : I am always impressed when i come with my little bicycle in a room full of riders, everywhere I look there’s someone riding, always impressive. But Idon’t learn you anything about this Isuppose every rider has felt that once while coming to a contest, so I’m going to explain a little more in the details.

First, for those who never heard about the Circle Cow, it’s a comp which has a reputaion to have a high level, as proof of that, the “amateur” class had become so hard for the beginners that they made a “novice” class for the riders who have been riding for less than a year. As I saw it it has been a success, the beginners rode well considering their experience. What’s more they all have been rewarded since there were only 8 riders. Cheer to Killian, 1st of the novice class, who left the place with a wonderfull Braun shaver, a long-term investment for this young disciple of the Club of Servon! (Servon is the town were the contest takes place) Max Paul did a megaspin and a nice steam roller which gave him the 2nd place.

In the amateur class, logically, the level is higher, really higher when you see that the tricks pulled went up to time machine with Amaury Peyrot (2nd) and Kevin Laughier’s (4th) backward grip ride and karlkruzer one hand. You understand better why I mention a high level, there are not lots of comps where you can see inside dumptrucks (Hawkins Garett, 3rd) in amateur class. Robert Pospisil, from Czech Republic walked off with the first place thanks to his gerators and very clean decades. The participation of Stephanie Chauvel has to be mentioned, she made a good run in amateur while there where a Girl class, a big cheer to her.

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The second girl rider, Coralie Tugny who qualified in expert class begins to be famous around here, and trust me, she deserves it : her pinky squeaks linked with backward karlkruzer well controled with the brake lead her to the 3nd place and even if you are not a brake fan, you have to applaud.

This years flyer

Expert class has been really up to the job, Matthias from the club of Servon pulled a huge crackpaker spinning, this kid changes of class every year! After his 1st place in amateur last year, he finishes 2nd in expert, gotta keep an eye on this rider...Opera’s spot (in Paris) regulars were there with Greg Fuma who got the 4th place for his first contest, with his fast spinning steam roller and mc circles . Snoop Janloup, from Grenoble got his birthday gift at the end of his run... Snoop, the first rider to pull an “inflatable-doll Hang5” represent the Grenoblos team!

In Master it was plain crazy, “high level” as well! Everybody has been impressed by Nicolas Ferando’s original tricks, he started his routine on a backward karlkruzer on the knee before hiting the ultimate tricks: something like a cross-footed turbined Hang5, but I confess that I didn’t perfectly understand it.
Michael Husser who hypnotysed everybody in practice with his crackpacker “hands behind the back” deserved his 1st place with an (almost) perfect run.

Considering the crowd of riders there, it’s simply impossible to mention all of them who hit good combos! My apoligies for all those i forget. Wulfran Lainé who was humbly in expert in the first place, finishes 12th in master class for his first contest since 1991, he prooved everyone that “old school” isn’t dead : triple boomerang, double decades, G turn to catapult,no handed Frontyards, you can feel the mastery of the bike! A nice proof that originality is sometime where it’s not expected!

It must have been hard to decide between the pros, every single rider was doing crazy tricks but always in a completly different style, between Sam Foakes’ tricks : bwd crackpacker behind the seat or no footed clifhanger Xup and Raphael Chiquet’s tricks (at an incredible speed) based on pivots and full barspins, Alexis Desolneux spinning whiplashes, poor judges! Bram Verhallen did some of his new 360° barwhip to pedal steam roller on his brand new KGB frame, same brand new KGB frame for Alex Jumelin which make his riding a bit different, tricks like pinkys and whips in general look smoother and his new trick is dope : cross-footed hang 5 no hand to 2nd place! However, disappointment about Mirek Hanzel’s final run, coming from Czech Republic, who after having terrified everyone in practice with some (crossfooted) upside-down megaspin at a supersonic speed missed his final run a little. Jason Forde from London was also there, and so was his very clean links based on steam rollers and barspins and of course his Cyborg no-hand (leg locked below the seat). The Ultimate slap of this wild pro class was Jorge Viki Gomez’ final routine, no doubt about it : 1st place, i think people knew it when he finished his last trick, I can’t even describe you his run, you have to watch the video to understand it, (if you understand, what’s not my case), the best viki combos ever pulled, great art!

This 6th issue of the Circle Cow will remain in the memory of lots of riders as a great moment, thanks to the organization work of Ismaël and Paskal who spent two long days, the mic in his hand, to cheer the riders on or to try to restore the order while the practice became a general shambles. By the way i’d like to say i have been disappointed by many riders, including pros who were riding in the practices reserved for the other classes, at several times the place was so overcrowded it was impossible to ride. So a big “thank you” to Paskal Mintov for having insisted against that.
Thanks for this great moment of flatland, we won’t miss the next Circle Cow.

21st of February 2005 - Ilan Giguel