Braun Lozflat Contest

     Braun Lôzflat Contest

Here‘s a little overview about the Braun Lôzflat Contest that took place at the 19th and 20th march 2005 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lausanne is a quite large and very european city in the southwest of Switzerland. Located next to the border to France and Italy at the huge lake geneve which offers a mediterean flair. People from all over the world are living here, in the capital of the Olympic Organisation. French is the common spoken language. While I was still at home I thought it would be only a relatively small contest, but surprisingly the contest took place at the Palais de Buleau, which is an huge exposition centre quite in the centre of Lausanne. The contest was integrated in an exposition for motor- and bicycles. While you wasn‘t riding you could watch an Freestyle MX jumpshow, races with tiny mini motorcycles or you could jump on one of those stylish Ghettopimpchoppers from Felt and cruise through the exposition area. Perfect to get in touch with some ladys. Troughout the whole time there was mellow atmosphere, thanks to the good music and Lionel Cardoso, who commented with his always laidback voice. Though I didn‘t understand anything because he talked only french. The competition was devided into Master and Pro. The saturday was reserved for qualifications for the finals which should been held on sunday. On saturday there was also a little party at a local drum‘n bass club. Many spectators wittnessed the riding and I think every rider had fun during the whole time. Everybody had a smile on his face including the spectators consisted of many families which saw flatland riding maybe the first time.

But I don‘t want to harass you with too many details. The riding there was also quite good. Please be mercyful with my lack of memory, I can‘t remember all the riders and tricks. The best thing concerned the finals in Master and Pro was the battle format. Take two riders, five minutes of time and you will get a far more better situation for the riders and a more interesting situation for the spectators. Every contest should be done this way!

The Master class: Karin Bleile from Basel, the swiss flatlandqueen, convinced the judges with smooth backward steamroller combos and backwards hitchhiker in front of her homies. 4th place for her. Switzerlands Andreas Walter went 3rd place with a cool pegwheelie to barspin jumped straight into a hangfive and some more steamroller hangfive combos. 2nd got Rui Catalao from France with fast megaspins and long combos on the frontwheel including pedalsteamroller and multiple sidesqueak barspins. Me (Thomas Hirsch / Gemany) got first place with tricks like brakeless decade from the tyre, switchfoot pedalhangfive g-turn to combostuff, crossdresser and my lovely miami hopper in the middle of some combo.

Alex Jumelin

Michael Tapia

Two hours after Master there was Pro. The Frenchman Etienne Giraud rode nonstop the whole weekend. He tried to pull his combos with steamroller to hitchhiker g-turn to steamroller and multiple wheelchair g-turns but he had no luck in the finals. 9th place for him. 8th got the swiss tomahawk man Marco Vetterli. Fast tomahawk-steamroller combos and cherrypickerspins are his stuff, but unfortunately he didn‘t pulled it in the finals. Floriant Guiltaux from France did some nice combos with tricks like halfpackers, hitchhiker g-turn and hangfive to whiplash in Jumelin style. Difficult tricks but it‘s a pity that he hardly pulled one of his combos. 7th place for him. Switzerlands Andreas Loeber rolled backwards quite all the time but did routined backward steamroller barflips and good looking switches to wheelchair followed by a hichhiker g-turn exit.....6th place. Michael Tapia the nice guy from Bern / Switzerland original from Cuba got 5th place. He rode save like hell and pulled all his tricks. He did bar-spinning-locomotive to gerator to bikevarial out and long frontwheelcombos inluding ten frontyardwhips in a row, wheelchairs, steamrollers and halfpackers. Then he borrowed my bike (but also with no rearbrake!) and performed a good ol‘ dancing cherrypicker. The crowd turned nuts! The french man in black Michael Husser convinced with his save & smooth rolling combos in circles. No handed suicide wheelchair, hitchhiker- and backpackerwhips and no handed hang ten‘s are few of his tricks which he linked together.........4th place. Oli Müller from the swiss capital Zürich got 3rd with great and long combos. Hitchhiker- and halfpacker g-turns were no problem for him. Aditional he did some nice multiple hangfive barswitches to hangfive. Now was Stereo Panda time. Raphael Chiquet versus Alex Jumelin. Raphael has a great riding style and pulled his pumping steamroller combos, pumped cliffhanger spin, seven or eight hitchhiker g-turns in a row and something like a 360 bikevarial to halfpacker. He had only problems to exit a combo in a nosedive nosewheelie....2nd place. Not very surprisingly Alex Jumelin got 1st. In practice he had some troubles to pull his fast and difficult combos. I thought maybe Raphael could win this battle but then Alex pulled the hardest stuff he never pulled in practice. X-footed-no-hand-hangten to plasticman to superfast and smooth steamroller combos with boomerangs, superfast firehydrant-switches to wheelchairs and steamrollers, his signature no handed spin, and combos to hangfive to jumplash out. Sick!

Thanks Swiss BMX Freestyle for this great, good sized contest with this mellow atmosphere. It was fun to be there. Move your ass to Switzerland if you want to have a good time!

1. Alex Jumelin (France)
2. Raphael Chiquet (France)
3. Oli Müller (Suisse)
4. Michaël Husser (France)
5. Michael Tapia (Suisse)
6. Stefan Loeber (Suisse)
7. Floriant Guilteaux (France)
8. Marco Vetterli (Suisse)
9. Etienne Giraud (France)
1. Tomas Hirsch (Allemagne)
2. Rui Catalao (France)
3. Andreas Walter (Suisse)
4. Karin Bleile (Suisse)
5. Jony Kudaibergen (Suisse)
6. Arnaud Guignard (Suisse)
7. Camel Sabil (France)
8. Ludovic Matthey (Suisse)

31st of March 2005 - Thomas Hirsch