BMX Girls Tour 2008

A quick one to remind everyone how much fun the girls had during the roadtrip organised by Karin Bleile and sponsored by Carhartt, FlyBikes, Cream Bmx Magazine, and 48Sbmx.image
Starting on the 27th of June and finishing on the 4th of July. One full week dedicated to Flatland.
The goal of this trip was to get on time to Germany for the Masters. Four girls, four languages, four countries, four bikes.
Oh, what a better place to start this roadtrip under the Spanish sun. Barcelona was the first destination with an amazing spot near to the famous Ramblas.
The all time spent on the Spanish ground as been a real blast. After experiencing Barcelona the girls were really ready to see some more beautiful place.
After few hours driving, Pamplona was the second stop of this trip. An evening riding, eating Tapas, doing a bit of sightseeing was just all we did need.
Back on the road again direction Frenchland. Hossegor, South west France, capital of surfing, amazing beaches and a cosy carpark to sleep was also one of this place we will never forget. You must try this place.
And higher and higher, Bordeaux famous for the wine and where this city held  an awesome skatepark where the girls had time to ride in front off and experience the sensation of riding in a paddling pool full of water.  Interesting. Le Havre, sea side town and Bruges in Belgium was also very welcoming venues for the trip.
After a whole week of riding and traveling through Spain, France and Belgium, the girls did finally end up to be on time for the BMX Masters in Germany for again more fun.
We truly hope to share this experience next year with much more girls so please ladies, get ready and ride on.


Irina Sadovnik about the tour

imageActually it takes a lot of time
To pack a story in a rhyme
But I will make it just for you
So check out this very special cloud

With my happy but nostalgic moods
I will shortly introduce my touring dudes

Let’s start with the person who was responsible for the tour
We are all very thankful, that’s for sure
Her name is Karin Bleile from Switzerland
The whole tour she organized and planned
She is a helpful and lovely girl
Her smiles shine like a cultured pearl
But there’s one thing where she can’t feel free
If she can’t do her wee-wee almost hourly

The next rider is Marie Meuret from France
In the frog’s-leg-eating country we therefore had a language advance
Without exception she reigned supreme
If the world is turning about getting lots of ice cream
But most of the time she was sleeping
Or shouting when she saw a cockroach creeping
Jesus gave her the nickname Marie POMPIS
Yeah life is hard in such show biz

The last but one comes from Germany
Her name is Monika Hinz and she was born in Hungary
One year jobless she had a lot of time to ride
So she could show us new links very proud
But she was unlucky and we were wondering
That she was destroying nearly everything
So after fixing her broken handlebar
Everything seemed to be ok so far
But then she hurt her finger with a knife
She can’t watch her own blood when it’s dropping down, live

imageThe last participant of this amazing tour was me
What should I say… except that I am your MC
My name is IriNa Sadovnik and I came all the way from Austria/Vienna
And I hate tattoos which are made out of henna
Right now I am doing my diploma in genetics & microbiology
Therefore I have to work in an institute for biotechnology
One day on tour I landed on my butt
In a disgusting thing it was actually mud
It was too slippery for my wheel
I was stinky, say good by my sex appeal

We were also happy that 2 very nice guys were with us
They were responsible for filming, photographing and driving the bus
You can’t imagine how tough they are
They didn’t even wear an overall when they refilled oil for the car
Michel is speaking every language in this world
Jesus has black hairs which are very curled
Both taught us lots of Spanish words
Actually just senseless ones, such nerds
One of those words were
Pis pis caca cula pedo pis

The first days we spent in Salou/ Spain
Karin, Moni and Michel arrived with the car and not by train
Marie, Jesus and me enjoyed the comfort of the plane
Unfortunately the first day started with a lot of rain
Therefore Karin came back from jogging with a wet mane
But later the sun came out again, so we chilled on the beach
Our skin still looks like we had a peroxide bleach
We had very nice jams and a good time
Ah, Now I can’t think of a proper rhyme
But once we had to fight for our right
To ride the street at night
Spain entered the European soccer final on this day
1000 of drunken, half-naked fans blocked our way
Back home we had some beers
Skoal , Prost, Santé and  cheers
We had the possibility to use a nice apartment from Michel’s family
Jesus fall down from his “sleeping sun lounger” clumsily
But now, we really should sleep
Before the birds start to peep
Tomorrow we have to travel to another place
This was hard-rocking Barcelona in this case

imageIt was the 28.06.2008
And this city is really great
Our first mission was to patch 2 flat tires
Maybe because of cullet or rather once every maturity date expires
Then we left the tour bus which was a Ford
We grabbed our bikes and rode to the port
There Michel took some nice shots
After that we checked out Barcelona riding spots
We found the nicest one I have ever seen
With a fat representing skateboard scene
We practised a lot and enjoyed the time
But it became scary when the sun stopped to shine
Strange teens came along and sniffed some shit out of bags
Always with taking very deep drags
Almost all skaters and bikers were gone, the vibes were scary
Let’s have something to eat and maybe lemonade made out of cherry
After having dinner we went by car
To the impressive Sagrada Familia
The 3rd tour day ended at 5:00 a.m.
I am so glad that I don’t have to drive, that’s the job of the men

Next morning we drove to Pamplona; bullfights are very common there
We filmed at lot of links on a spot with a very friendly flair
We checked out the wonderful city center
Till we found a nice tapas bar, come on lets enter
After having beers and some food
Everyone’s mood was really good
Then we went to a very comfortable hotel
You can imagine that the breakfast was also very well

It was the 30th of June, good morning everyone
Ah, sometimes it’s hard but I love to pun
We checked out of the hotel and went to our van
Just 15 min later and Marie was sleeping again
Our goal was to reach France exactly Hossegor
There we had an amazing view on the shore
The waves were high, the sea was cold
I will never forget this sight to behold
There was a skatepark just behind the dunes
Before we went to “bed” we laughed like loony tunes
We could fall asleep with the gentle swoosh of the sea cause we slept outdoor
On the parking place, with our sleeping bag just right on the floor
But one girl was afraid to sleep outside
Therefore in the car she lied, alright
Early in the morning we woke up with a lil’ pain in our bones
The first thing we could hear weren’t the birds, it was just moans

imageThis day we went to Bordeaux but just before
We bought our breakfast at a great food store
In this French town we found a cool spot next to the stream
There was also a cool skatepark, it was just like a dream
A long time we rode our bikes and fooled around
Till our blood sugar level was on the ground
Therefore we went to “La Rue Kebap” to have some dinner
For me just salad, I am vegetarian and no sinner ;-)
In front of our hotel Marie, Jesus and I had a really nice conversation
Let’s go to bed, tomorrow we have to drive through the rest of this nation

Like every day we got up very early
Attention, stay straight very burly!
We packed the trailer and the car
The way up to Le Havre is really far
The beach there was full of stones
The sunset showed us every tones
Next day we rode on a big chessboard
For sure the session we did record
Then we left, we still want to see another state
Already we will arrive in Belgium very late
Again just a few minutes have elapsed till Marie fell asleep
She looks so cute and her dreams seems to be so deep
We’ve arrived in Bruges at night
Just some lanterns shined bright
Michel, Jesus and I went out for a ride
To see this old, nice town at midnight
We drunk some more beers and had a lot of fun
The next day will bring new motivation with the rising sun

In this town there just exist streets out of cobblestones
Ahhh, this bumpy street hurts in the arms, actually in every bones
But we found a cool place to retain some links
Afterwards we had some food and drinks
This time it was already 4:30 p.m.
Today we have to travel to another state again

This was the last destination of this awesome tourimage
It’s not that far away I am pretty sure
But there was a traffic jam
Which we didn’t calculate in our plan
Therefore we arrived at the BMX Masters not in time
Now it’s getting harder and harder to find a rhyme
Barely had we got our accreditation
To watch the flatland pro qualification
This year the flat area was round
With a boundary surround
We didn’t want to go ashtray
Let’s go to bed, tomorrow starts another day

It was the 5th of July
A nice day with no clouds in the sky
This day it was the girls turn
So we could show that we also burn
At night we partied hard and drunk a lot
Like every year it was really hot

Sunday was the last day of the tour and I was really sad
Cause I had to spend the night in the train without a bed
I am just joking; I will really miss these days
I wish that the fate will soon let cross again our ways
Hopefully we’ll do another trip next year to somewhere
This tour was sponsored by Fly bikes and Carhartt Streetwear
Thanks so much for taking care

It was really good to leave the sick & tired refrain of everyday
Somewhere on the road of our way

No digidi no doubt
My rhyme is over & out

IriNa Sadovnik yours Bmx rider and motivation provider

2008-08-29 - Karin, Marie