Berlin City Games 2004
     Berlin City Games

The Berlin City Games were definitely great. Excellent riders. Extraordinary location. Fantastic music. There were 2 classes : Amateur and Pro. The amateur qualification started in the early afternoon but we arrived a little later so we only saw the last heat of the qualification and I can't tell you how many riders started in amateur class. But it must have been a lot cause the whole timeplan was changed and everything started about 4 hours later. However there were very good riders in the amateur finale. Dez Maarsen from the Netherlands attracted the attention of the crowd. He's only 15 or 16 years old but made really hard tricks, for example hitchhiker-spins. I filmed his final run and made photos of many other riders. Unfortunately it was quite dark so the photos are not very sharp.

Amateur Finale Results:

1. Manuel Ortiz
2. Sytse Winkel
3. Benjamin Grossjohann
4. Sascha Heidemann
5. Dez Maarsen
6. Milan Haspeklo
7. Sebastian Martin
8. Alex Schönfeld
9. Michael Husser
10. Antoin Andouc (not sure about his name)

The pro class was really international so the flyer promised not to much. Let me tell you some names: Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Mike S, Matti Röse ... . Matti Röse was one of the organisers of the contest,too. So he had quite a stressful day but did a very good job. Lee Musselwhite showed some of his crazy, fast tricks in the qualification. Maybe some of you know that rolling trick where he's sitting on the handlebar. But they didn't work very often so he doesn't qualify for the final. I got his qualification run on video so you'll see his crazy stuff ,too. The pro finale should start at 8 PM but started more than 4 hours later in the middle of the night. Nevertheless all the pros were rocking and the crowd flipped out. I filmed the whole pro finale. So stay tuned, you'll get the possibility to download it in the upcoming week.

Pro Finale Results:
1. Martti Kuoppa
2. Matti Röse
3. Nathan Penonzek
4. Wolfgang Sauter
5. Jesse Puente
6 Raphael Chique
7. Alex Jumelin
8. Frank Lukas
9. Michael Steingräber
10. Kimmo Haakana

10.10.2004 - Martin Schulz







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