Battle in da Club – Stuttgart Zapata

     Battle in da Club – Stuttgart Zapata

Thanks to Sven Steinbach ( ) for the report.

The idea of this event was to invite several riders into a club and let them „battle“ against each other. Two riders had to ride against each other and were choosen by lot (thanks Red Bull girls). But before you get me wrong. The word "battle" was not the right expression because the riders knew each other for a long time and for me I didn´t took it to seriously. Unfortunately Michael Sommer and Jesse Puente missunderstood it in one of the higer rounds and really battled. I won´t bore you with long trick explanations, so here is a small shortcut:

Sebastian Pospischil (GER) - Did amazing rolling tricks.
Steffan Dittrich (GER) - Has a new girlfriend and is droping a metal CD in a few days
Moritz Edschmid (GER) - Is riding breakless now
Flo Sailer ( GER) - Organizer of the event, big props, dude!
Chris Böhm (GER) - Wasn´t there?
Dan Hennig (GER) - Pinky Squeak King
Daniel Fuhrman (GER) - rode home after the party for nearly 10 hours.
Michael Sommer (AUT) – is the new worldchamp in flatland for 2005
Matti Röse (GER) – learned some new switches, which look very dope
Frank Lucas (GER) – spin master and kicked my ass during the party
Manuel Ortiz (GER) – is riding dope
Uriu (JAP) – had to go back to Prague the next day and ate some german Weißwurst
Ali Bajesteh (GER) – Berlin represent.
Sven Steinbach (GER) – is writing this review of the event you´re just reading

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Nathan Penonzcek (CAN/ESP) – had a small liaison with a chick
Jesse Puente (USA) – got his bike stolen in Prague
Roman Rommel (GER) – newcomer from germany ridin´his ass off
Waldemar Fatkin (GER) – signed with KHE bikes afterwards
Wolfgang Sauter (GER) – definitely liked the dancehall music at the aftershow party
Benjamin Großjohan (GER) – had to work the next day, but still partyed at the party
Hiroya Morisaki (JAP) – came all the way from japan and got hurt on his arm. Hope he´s okay right now.
Daiske (JAP) – Learned german with his dictionary and also ate Weißwurst and drank beer

Well, the only thing I can tell is that Nathan and Seppl shared the first place ´cause both rode so good. Hiro and Jesse got 3rd and 4th but, who is interested in placings, when there is a great aftershow party? The crowed went nuts. Hopefully this event brought flatland to public in a more relaxed and spectacular way. Maybe Shayne from Neon Media, Jarno from 50/50 Video or Martin vrom can show you some footage of the event, because you realy missed something if you weren´t there. I liked it and will see all of you guys soon...

21th of June 2005 - Sven Steinbach