Badman in Egypt

imageA few months ago a position was advertised on Global-Flat for a chance to do shows & demos in Egypt.  I had been living in England for the past year & a half & after that time I was keen to look for new places to visit.  A chance to live & ride in Egypt would be perfect, not to mention the constant sun & hot weather – always needed by any Australian away from home!

After sending off my riding profile & followed by several phone calls I was asked if I’d be interested to come down for a few months.  Having already decided I would go if the chance arose, a few weeks later I found myself on a flight to my new home in Hurghada, Egypt.  The first thing I noticed was the heat: 40+ degrees with clear blue skies every day. Secondly was the friendly locals, perfect beaches & the crystal clear water of the Red Sea,

I was officially working for a company called Solutions Red Sea who also own several massive nightclubs in the area including Hedkandi & Ministry of Sound.  My riding areas would be in the newly opened Hurghada Marina, on marble & right on the sea-front… perfect.  Being from Australia, it was no problem with the heat & even after living in England I adjusted really quickly.  As far as I know it was a first for flatland in Egypt & definitely in Hurghada.  The locals were stoked to see it & like anywhere, people love the spinning tricks!  My typical day consisted of chilling at the beach for a few hours or going snorkelling, visiting local places like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor or the Pyramids in Cairo.  In the evening I would spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week doing shows & demos.  On the days off I still liked to ride there anyway as it was the perfect atmosphere for flatland!

I would highly recommend Hurghada in Egypt as a riding destination, especially during winter.  The weather is perfect for riding, it’s really affordable, and the locals are friendly.  I’m also working with the company with the possibility of organising a flatland event there for 2009 – stay tuned!  If anyone would like to know more details on Egypt, feel free to email me on




2008-07-31 - Shane Badman