Back 2 Basics 3

     Back 2 Basics 3 - The Australian Titles

Thanks to Alistair Finlay the found of the MFZ ( Melbourne Flatland Zine ) for supporting global-flat with an article about the Back 2 Basics 3 that went down on the 9th of January 2005.

It was a dark and stormy night, three days out from the event. Luckily the weather improved ten fold before Sunday and the fifty or so attendees that showed up were greeted by a sunny day with low humidity and a light wind. The jam took a laid back format such is the way in Queensland. With everyone from Stewarts mates sinkin piss to young family’s enjoying the level of riding offered by some of Australia’s best ground riders.

About ten flatlanders showed up including riders from Sidney, Southern New South Wales, Melbourne and even Germany. For the first hour of so Simon got busy with his ever expanding bag-o-tricks. Stumpy reciprocated, with his long no handed spinning Death Trucks. All be it in the shade. I got chatting to the diverse group of riders that included a lawyer, a German backpacker doing Hitchhikers on a KGB and a tone of locals. The KGB looked dope by the way and this was my first personal viewing of the frame. From what I could tell it didn’t attract the attention I thought it would.

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The Bunny Hop comp got down and dirty with all most all of the riders who show up stepping up. Each rider got three downs of the bar before they were eliminated. The first few rounds were fast paced with most riders making it through. The flatlanders started to bite the dust mid way with Simon and Stumpy the last to go. In the end it was Cory Bohan who took the prize with what must be the highlight of is not just riding career but life so far.

After the Hop comp came an impromptu jam session with again both Stumpy and Simon leaving everyone speechless. Chris Moore also got in on the action at one stage. I’m not even going to try and name the stuff that went down and the few photos certainly don’t do it justice. This was the highlight of my time in Brisbane and it’s always a motivating to watch progressive and dilled riding.

Sticker and Prize grabs went down throughout the day. Looking around it was good to see flatland fuel stickers on 16” Haro’s and the likes. The kids seemed into the whole day and sucked up the riding, stickers and prizes. Later prize packs were given out, even this writer scored a few things, yet he’s still unsure why as all he did was a few Mega Spins on the above mentioned 16” Haro.

All in all it was a killer day with perfect weather, cool locals and very impressive riding. A big thank you to everyone who showed up and to the sponsors who flowed the day (check ‘em out on the B2B site and hit ‘em up). I’d also like to thank my host and chauffer for the time I was in town – Lauren, cheers! Look out for a full report of my time up north in the next issue of the Melbourne Flatland Zine – which will we somehow get out at the end of this month.

Here you can find information about upcoming Back 2 Basics events:


11th of January 2004 - Alistair Finlay