August 09: Daniel Boros from Hungary

imageWho are you?

My name is Daniel Boros, and I am 21 years old.

Where do you live?

I live in a small hungarian town, called Zirc.

Why do you choose flatland? When did you start riding?

Many years ago I saw flatland  in a station of an extreme sports tour, including skateboard , in line BMX street and flatland. The flatland riding amazed me so much , so I started to save money to get my first bike. Now I ride more than 6 years.

How often do you ride?

If the weather , and my engagements let me, I ride 2 hours a day.

imageWhat do you think about contests?

Nowdays the number of contest are declining , because flatland is not a big business. In the big bmx events the organizers do not care about flatland enough. Usually the floor is terrible, and too small. This is good because the visitors can see the riders closer, and it makes the sport more spectacular, but in the other hand the rolling style riders have no chance to show what they can do.I like underground contests ,where the circumstances are much more better and I can ride under no pressure. These conditions help me to focus only on riding, while having fun, and getting know new people.

Where do you ride? You ride only flatland?

I have my own spot, where I can always ride: It’s a backyard of a school.

Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town and in your country?

There are about 150 riders in Hungary, and I know most of them. We can meet in the contests, rarely visit each other, and do a big practice. I am the only one flat rider in my town, so  I have to ride always alone. Though, I got used to it. 

Your way of riding is different than other flatlanders way. Why did you choose this kind of riding, why do you use a bmx, which looks like a street bike?

Originality is very important to me , not only in flatland. I found myself a long time ago, have my own style. I don’t need trends to follow, Don’t want to be simililar to anyone, just be who I am. So probably you won’t see me pumping steamerollers, in a fashionable neon colour tight yeans, and t shirts:D Yeah, my bike looks like a street machine, just because i like clean, and simple parts. When I look at my bike , I see a pure Bmx, not a plumber tube system , and it makes me feel so good:P

imageWhat do you think, what´s the most important for the people now in flatland? style, personality, difficulty of tricks... What do you feel, if you see a very good skilled rider, with copied tricks? Can you tells us your opinions about nowadays uniformisation?

There are a lot of teenagers whose personalities are still forming, that’s why they choose an idol for themselves, who shows them the direction with his clothing and riding. Nowadays, trends dominate more than ever. I think the main cause is the internet, because people can easily get to anything via this. For instance: rider’s clothing,which parts they use. so I think this fashion mania kills the soul of this sport: creativity and originality.There are a lot of talented riders who waste their skills to learn just the actual, fashionable tricks, instead of using their minds and creating something new. 

I know, you are involved in the technical side of bmx, i use pegs, which you designed, and i saw some of you-designed parts. Why are you interested in this? Have you any plans, for example, starting your own company, etc.

I’m interested in designing very much, including bmx. Some kind of parts are missing for me from the flatland market . That’s why I design them for myself. It’s very hard to have them made, but most of the time it’s worth it. Till now,I have made pegs, handlebars and barcups, buti f I had the opportunity,all my bike would be custom made. I thought of studying engineering and founding a nepon company, but currently I study something else. All in all, it remains only a hobby for me.

What have you found in flatland?

Flatland means creativity, self-expression, a pleasure among my obligations and lot of other things that make my life more exciting.

imageWho/What motivates you most? Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?

Music, nice surroundings, original or rarely seen combos.

Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?

I have some own tricks I would like to learn but it’s top secret:P

What kind of music do you like?

It must be instrumental music without electronic.I like post rock, and metal bands: My favourites: Gifts From Enola, If These Trees Could Talk, Pelican, Machine Head and Caliban

What do you think about flatland media?

Flatland media is exactly as small as the sport itself. Though, it’s an important part of it. If I may, I buy original dvds, but the spread of internet kills these dvds. I respect those people who make qualitative videos, loading to the net without the hope of any profit. They just do it from the love of the sport. For example: Tamas Hajdú /Sevisual/ and Attila Toth / TAFFT/

Tell us things you like and things you don´t like, as a person.

I like down to earth, honest, reliable people. I can’t bare insincerity, pomposity and lies.

What is your job/what do you study?

This year I finished school as an optician, and in the next year I will study optometry.

What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding?

Besides Bmx, I like designing parts, listening to music, taking photographs, and hanging out with my friends.


Frame: Macneil Collier 19.5” TT
Fork: WTP Mantis 2007 without pivots
Handlebar: Own design - Geometry: Brutal tall 9,25”, 0degree back, 4degrees upsweep, 69cm wide.
Pegs: Tree Balsa, with custon steel endcups
Stem: Fly Suelo
Crank: Fly Suelo
Freecoaster: Nankai Bamboo
Sprocket: Fly Suelo 18t
Seatpost: Odyssey Intac
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Pedal: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Front hub: WTP Supreme 10mm
Rims: Alex Mus 36
Tires: KHE Mac 1
Chain: KMC Z
Grip: Fly Ruben, 155 mm
Bar endcups: Fly Suelo
Chain tensioner: Odyssey
Headset: Fly integated
BB set: Fly spanish
Spacers: Acor carbon
Weigth: 8,8kgs

2009-07-30 - Questions: Attila