Akira Okamura

Please introduce yourself.image

Akira Okamura 29 years old. I´m riding BMX for 18 years now.


You just won the KOG master class and will be allowed to compete in the pro class again next year. Are you happy to be back in the pro class ?

Of course, I am happy...

Most contests don’t have very strict rules. Everybody can decide in which class he wants to compete. Do you prefer the KOG system or the free choice ?

I prefer free choice. But compared with foreigners, japanese are a little strict sometimes, the kingofground rules are strict.



Life and riding

imageWhat’s your job ?

I´m now working for a cycleshop. And soon, i will work at circle geek, the magicfruits distributor.

What do you eat for breakfast ?

Cofee, yogurt and chocolate...

How long do you ride on a typical day ? What time do you go riding ?

I ride mostly in the evening, about 5 hours a day. I ride almost everyday but i have some rest from time to time.

Who do you ride with mostly ?

Mo-rich, Toshigon (street) and Kotaro Arai here in Osaka.

Why do you ride brakeless ? When did you start riding brakeless ?

I´m not riding brakeless those days but if i do, it is only cause i can. I love the idea of brakeless riding because it is simple (riding and gear)

Who are your favorite riders ? Who influenced you ?

Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Yanmar, Aaron Ross. I am influenced by many riders i ride with or i can see on tv, even street riders. I think my influences and favorites riders can change every day.

Your style is very unique. What´s more important for you - originality or difficulty? How would you describeimage your style ?

I want to say imagination and inspiration. That´s how i ride, trying to make my ideas clear.

What keeps you motivated to ride after all these years?

Probaly that i have many great friends all around. And because i like bmx riding. That´s something i want to do until i´ll die.

What´s new at Magic Fruits ? We heard you have a signature frame.

At magicfruits, i can do things the way i want. We have no pressure. My frame is not ready right now. I am still working on it. I have time to do it here. And i design others products like stems. All the parts for 2008!

In your opinion, has innovation and creativity in the design of flatland frames and parts reached a plateau?

I think flatlanders can try many things because parts are lighter and secure now. No knife look a like stem etc...it is safer for riders bodies. There are no bad parts, as long as someone could ride with them.

What is more important in flatland, physical strength, or technique? Or is a combination of both the key to success?

You need both to ride isn´t it?

Thank you for your time!

2007-11-19 - Questions: Global-flat Team, Answers: Akira Okamura, Translation: Laurent Dusserre