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Music and flatland. Two fundamental elements that, when brought together with sufficient skill and awareness, can produce entertainment and inspiration far in excess of their constituent parts. The whole is certainly greater than the sum in the case of ‘Adversity’, the debut DVD release from the producer of, currently the UK’s sole surviving flatland website. Here, flatland and music are combined in a very original and fluid manner that creates an immersive viewing experience, one that deepens as the tour progresses. To name just a few of the featured artists: The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Adlib, Prefuse 73…Lee Musselwhite, Justin Miller, Raphael Chiquet, Travis, Jesse, Sam...

The journey begins at The National Adventure Sports Show (NASS) that took place in Somerset, England between the 8th and 10th July, 2005. The riding segment opens with some practice session footage artfully montaged against a backdrop of eager fans who line the arena. Moments later Alex Jumelin takes you through one of his opposite-foot nose wheelie to whiplash to no-handed steamroller links, while Cousin Raphael ‘prepares’ his own piece of concrete in the background. Justin Miller is next up and get things moving with opposite karl kruiser to x-footed halfpacker to sideyard jump to barflip to backpacker to hitch hiker to more sideyard jump to backpacker (some 45 seconds worth of combo) while all the time ‘Its Crowded’ by Prefuse 73 simmers gently in the background.

Mr Chiquet is up next and you now appreciate why he was so intent on cleaning his riding spot; hydrant to 2-footed steam to backpacker turbines (?!) is no time to have a slippery surface beneath you. Names probably do exist for the links Lee Musselwhite performs on a flatland bike but do not look for them in your standard trick dictionary – the U in Unity also stands for Unique, especially when applied to his riding. Travis Collier generally brings a stack of tricks wherever he goes, and in this DVD opens his account with an opposite foot hand 5 turbines to crackpacker combo, following up with an obscene whiplash to hang 5 turbines to pinky squeak to more 5 turbines combination. The really nice thing about the NASS coverage (of which there is a good 10 minutes) is the sharpness of the editing, the clarity of the images and the way the camera work puts you right at the heart of the event, almost like you attended it yourself.

The Braun Flatground 2005 competition is well documented in Adversity, where you will find coverage from Friday practice, qualifying and of course the final. Coverage of the final starts off with a very atmospheric sequence where the local kids are doing wheelies in the snow with light sticks in their wheels …and it is in this building of atmosphere, this construction of ambiance, where this DVD really excels. You will also find the most comprehensive coverage of the UK’s premier flatland event, the King of Concrete, here on Adversity. How comprehensive? Warm, summer breeze opening sequences of riders and fans anticipating the main event, followed by an extremely smooth and dialed-looking string from eventual 8th place finisher Mustapha, followed by a Chris Wright x-hand steam to no-handed crackpacker spin and culminating in an Alex Jumelin combo that will stain you brain and have you all over the rewind button; it simply defies belief.

Jamie and the crew at have crammed a plethora of riding sequence, musical adventure and sheer character into just under an hour of high quality footage. A sparkling, idiosyncratic debut with a distinctly European flavour from the flatland world’s newest DVD production house, Adversity is available directly from and will be for sale at and shortly - go get yours now!

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20th of January 2006 - Carl Bourne