Rider of the Month June 2014 - Oxter Gov from Lebanon


What´s your name, age, and location? How long have you been riding?

Hello all, my real name is "Ali Mohanna" but on internet named as "Oxter Gov " that´s my nickname. I ´am 20 years old, from Arabian country called Lebanon; I live in Beirut City. I ´ve been riding bmx about two years and half right now.

Is there a big flatland scene in Lebanon right now?

Actually, Flatland here is equal to zero - no one knows it, except some riders know a little bit. But im talking about the society not
persons. Unfortunately, our society here don´t know anything about flatland even bmx in general, no real bike shops and no real flatland riders and no tv channels talked about this sport so because of that people can´t discover this sport. Nothing can help them to know it, they think that bikes equal to toys.You are man so you can´t ride bike, sadly but really those people they give me push to progress more... maybe someday I´ll be known as a rider on tv and all people change their mind about bmx, and my message will Reach them.


What got you interested in riding flatland?

Really when I saw this question I felt and remembered alot of good things. Flatland means alot to me, even I was hoping before I discovered flatland if I knowed it before not only from two years, but that was a good start to me, and my life better than before. Flatland is not only the bike making tricks, flatland is a magic on ground I feel when I´m riding my bike. I don´t need any thing else to do, I have everything when I catch my bar, and it´s a unique sport and u cannt end it. Flatland never dies... and I care about it more day by day.Also it taught me alot of things. By waiting and thinking of my tricks to be done that´s "Patience". When I got injured that mean´t "No pain No Gain ". When I tried alot of times what I want that means "never give up".  Also when I see videos for flatland battles by riders that means "Sportsmanship". When anyone loose I can´t explain that feeling.Also it´s an outlet, love, passion, lifestyle, guideline, hobby, friend, therapy, alive and who I am today.

How do you get parts for your bike?

At the first I rode an old bike with old parts, but after knowing what I need to ride, someone I know he ordered to me the parts and I have now a custom flatland bike.You can see it on http://www.global-flat.com/smf/index.php?topic=61104.0, but really very expensive it cost me about $2000, but I don´t care at least one of my dream comes true ; )


Do you have any goals set out for yourself?

With no goals people can´t live.Everyone of us have their own goals, but my big goal to me is not to buy a house, or car, or even Marriage. My Goal to travel and learn flatland in Japan or any country that flatland in it is serious.
You´ve mentioned wanting to grow flatland in your country. Can you talk a little bit about that?
Yes that´s my mission.I tried many times with my ideas to grow flatland here. I was talking to riders on Facebook to come and ride
together.I was talking to RedBull to make any contest for flatland to know people and riders that we have contest here.I progress hard and I got the first tricks in Lebanon: like decade footjam, hang 5, hang nothing, lardyard, half lash, whiplash, jumplash, lung spin, backward hang 5, pinky squeaks, and boomerang.I uploaded it on Youtube and Facebook to help riders here and to tell people what is flatland and bmxing, and to tell the world that at least someone is doing flatland tricks here; even they are beginners but remember every artist was first an amateur.


Favorite riders?

Terry Adams -I like how he is living. He takes his bike everywhere. Matthias Dandois -I like his style and his unique street -flat ride.

Alex Jumelin -front wheel killer.

Yohei Ucchie -back wheel killer

Jean William Prevost -back wheel switches killer and his style

Matt Wilhelm -Legend

Joe El Ghanim -he progress very fast and backwheel killer

Top 3 places you´d like to visit?

Japan, because it´s a big scene in flatland Paris, I want to see Eiffel Tower USA, I want to ride in the backyard spot of Terry Adam´s house


What do you dislike?

I don´t like arrogant people.When anyone in my country saw me and told me don´t ride you are not small. Broken parts, and copy riders that cannt progress only do what others riders do exactly, and anything stop me from riding

Anything you want to add?

First I want to thank Global-Flat for sharing my story and announcing the rider of the month, especialy Jim McKay and saying
thanks to everyone who reads my interview. I want to say thanks to a guy named "Ali Hareb". He is the first person who started bmx in Lebanon. Thanks to all riders that helped me on Facebook, and I want to say Lebanon is a nice country, you can come and discover it. You are all welcome Big thanks to Joe El Ghanim for helping me all the time. I hope someday we will rider together.
GOOD LUCK TO ALL FLATLAND Street Riders and ride on and progress hard and never give up. Bikes is not a toys its serious.