Rider of the Month

I´m sure I´ve said it before, but this month´s ROTM has to be my favourite so far...

´CHICKEN BOY´ from Vietnam has such a great style and outlook on life, that you can´t help but love him... Everything from Tanh´s bike set-up to his humour and dress sesnse make me smile. We need more people like this in Flatland.  Oh, and did I mention that he´s been on national TV in Vietnam too?  Flatland on national TV!?!

I hope you all enjoy reading his interview as much as I have... it´s put a big smile on my face!  (A personal PS: BIG thanks to Paul Chamberlain for getting the questions and photos together - I couldn´t have done it without you!) 

Rider of the Month

I’ve found this month’s ROTM interview very inspiring to read. It’s been wonderful to find out how it feels to go on tour and ride flatland around the globe. Gergely is a great example of honesty and respect, and is not afraid of saying what he thinks!

I would like to mention someone else in this intro too… Attila Toth, who conducted the interview with Gergely and got the material to me - Cheers! Without him, my job would have been a lot tougher!

Enjoy the interview folks!


Lord knows what time the London crew got up, because I was on the road at 8:00 on a Saturday, and I only live 10 miles from Leicester!

Keelan had done a great job of getting the BMX BATTLE organised in such a short space of time, and to get some BIG sponsors on board too was seriously impressive. Every time I see Keelan, I’m bowled over by his enthusiasm, energy and commitment to our ‘hobby’. It’s people like him that keep Flat alive and fresh.

Rider of the Month
I really like Thomas’ attitude on life.  He’s a creative soul, in work and life, and has a really good outlook on life and riding.  

And you may notice as you read through his interview, that the photography is pretty creative too… I love the use of light and space in these shots, and I think Thomas does too. 

After all, Flat is probably the most creative form of riding out there, and this could be why he loves it so much… Ladies and gents, I give you THOMAS DESCHENAUX!
The King of New York has been part of NYC BMX history since 1995. Originally KoNY was a contest featuring Flatland, Vert and Park... Over the years the contest format had gone through changes and unfortunately Flatland was dropped. 2010 marks the second year Flatland is back as one of the events featured at KoNY. The new attitude for all KoNY events is to have a great day of riding...
Saturday 31.7.2010 started just like another day before. The sun rose up, birds started to sing, temperature was hitting the tropical values and Johny Cook went to walk his dog. Everything was in normal, just in the time when 20 cars or so got to Litomerice downtown and guys with small bikes were petting out of the cars in front of a Jesuit church of Lady Day. Are you asking what was going on? The answer is easy...
Rider of the Month
I’m REALLY pleased about this month’s ROTM, for a many reasons.  First, we finally have a female ROTM!  About time!  Martin, our esteemed editor, passed on Julia’s details to me, and I couldn’t be more pleased… we need more women in Flatland, and BMX as a whole.  Come on ladies, be inspired and pick up a bike! Second, Julia is also moving into art/design, and also plays Bass Guitar, which are two BIG passions of mine outside of Flatland. Here are a few words from Julia to wet your appetite:  “Never give up if it becomes hard, just try it again and set your own goals. Oh and support more female BMX riders!”
Organising and running a competition is a hard thing. So many people to please, expectations to live up to and simply just getting it right. The main thing I have learnt, is do what you can to the best of your capabilities and situation.

Saturday was a tough day. I had a restless night and the morning sky was a gloomy grey prompting texts of despair. The weatherman claiming...
Rider of the Month

I like Magnus´ attitude to life and riding... VERY positive, and he rocks BIG bars!  (let´s see the forums light up over that one!)

He´s not afraid to be an individual (when it comes to riding...), which I´m sure many of you can identify with, spending hours in parking lots, dialling that elusive tick or link you´ve been after for what seems forever.  But it´s postive attitude that really gets me...

Rider of the Month
I like Renaud’s attitude… quite laid back (ahh, the French!), yet determined to be an individual rider with his own style.  He has style, without a doubt… just check his edits for more proof.  I’ve been inflicting my very poor French on him whilst collecting the info for this article, and he’s taken it with good humour (apart from when I swore, and he didn’t understand it! So, after a brief hiatus in the ROTM run, ladies and gents, I give you RENAUD LASPEYRES!