Ares DVD Magazine Vol 4.

When I arrived at Bobby Carters “Lab” in Hollywood in December for the Intrikat Jam Bobby had this video on, and immediately I was saying “stop that! rewind that”, the opener from Hiro Morisaki got me hyped, I still after multiple viewings do not understand his opener to the video, but it is something like mega spin half whopper caught to xft opposite side fork wheelie pivot to steam half whopper out. It looks so simple, yet you know at the same time it’s not.
Later in the trip when Terry Adams arrived, I brought a copy from him. What I especially liked about this video was it’s simplicity, there’s no gloss to this video, there’s a great soundtrack provided by Sean Lai, who organised the Moto Groundforce in Singapore a while back.
The Japanese are blessed with unreal riding locations (shown throughout the video), the format of the video is everyone is all mixed together, I especially liked it as I have yet to fast forward this video after 2 months of watching it, if you don’t like someone’s riding then you only have one link to wait or maybe two, its not long.

York Uno
Hiroya Morisaki
Yoshihiro Shinde
Yoshiki Uchino
Terry Adams
Hironao Doko
Calvin Tan
Fumiaki Okayama

The beats match the riding perfectly, the riding is pretty overpowering at times, so I think the Ares guys did a great jobimage not to overcomplicate things with the choice of music, I’m not sure they even attempted that but its works out.
York Uno’s riding on here makes me dizzy, multiple xft mccircle turbines jumped to steam to multiple spinning hitchhikers combos, there’s a cool clip where York is riding in front of a band and goes off into one of his x ft mccircle turbine combos clearly pumped up by the music, it gave off a real feel of what its like to ride in Japan.
The standout riding for me on this video belongs to Hiro Morisaki and Yoshiki Uchino, like the master and the pupil.
There are a lot of combos from these two that I never saw before, Hiro’s video ender is incredible, xft backwards spinning in front of bars tomahawk jump to halfpacker to opposite xft steam pivot to steam half whopper to mega spin decade out with finesse that only Hiro can do. Amazing. Every time I watch this combo I’m stoked.
As many of you comment on global, this kid is amazing, the technique of Yoshiki Uchino is that of a veteran pro, sadly he is not. All of his links are long (you may remember the trailer on Scott’s website), and the subtlety of how hard of his brakeless switches blows my mind, you can see hang five to xft crackpacker jump to steam mid combo for example in butter style, his technique is perfect. Like I said there are so many tricks from Hiro and Yoshiki, you will be hitting the rewind a lot.
Terry Adams has a few tricks from his indoor v spot on here just before he made the move to Odyssey/A Bad Thing, what got me especially stoked was his personality coming through in his muscle flexing poses and so on, flatland can be fun to!!! Terry’s huge combo from his final battle with Matthias at Voodoo is on here too, although that’s the only contest footage on here, it doesn’t look out of place.
I haven’t read nothing about this video since its release, so that’s why I’m doing this review. If you love modern day flatland and new tricks and style, go buy this from Scott at And by the way, no one has put me up to this, I’m just super stoked on this video, and I can’t believe there’s not been more about this DVD on global.

2008-01-19 - Effraim Catlow