January 08: David Weathersby (Texas)
imageName: David Nathan Weathersby
Age: 24
Sex: Guy
Location: San Marcos, TX 78666


When did you started riding?
I began flatlanding at 13, and have been riding strictly flat for 10 years. Riding has become a big part of my life these past few years.

How often do you ride? I usually ride about 5 days a week for 1 to 3 hours at a time. Sometimes I get really stoked after a contest or on new tricks and ride everyday. It depends on the weather and my lifestyle.

Do you ride contests? I really like going to contests to see the riders, I don´t like competing, but I´ve been doing well. It´s like going on a vacation with all my riding buddies; competeing is like a show we put ... we start drinking. Ha Ha.

What was your biggest success? I´ve had a few successes. Battle at the Beach 06 AM 1st. Voodoo Jam 07 AM 2nd. Round Up III 07 AM 1st. and my best so far FLOW 07 PRO 2nd.

Where do you ride? I´ve got a tennis court in town I ride, and a garage on campus too. Sewell park is big, flat, on the river and on campus, it´s a really pretty and a bust. But the Oltorf garage is my spot. I ride there more than anywhere. It´s 30 miles from home, but worth it. It´s flat, well lit, and the people at the garage are used to us riding there. It´s empty after 6pm and weekends; it´s isolated.

What´s the riding scene like in your town? Austin is where the scene is, and it´s crazy big. I think we have more than 15 riders, and I ride with most of them every week. We´ve got legends like Ruben Castillo and EZ Chris, old school and fresh. Mark is like a historian of flatland, and he documents everything. Adam, Chad, Jim, Kenny, Johnny, Anthony, Julia, Jason, Joya, DIEGO, and Julio. Bmx Freestyler.com covers everything we do at the Oltorf garage on Saturdays. It´s a great time for flatland in Austin, we get visitors a couple times a month. They just come to the garage and ride with our crew for the weekend. Plus, we have jams for everything from riders´ birthdays to visitors from out of town. It keeps everyone really motivated when we have something to look forward to every month.image

Imagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why? I´d head West to Cali, go to a jam there cause I´ve never been. Then to Japan to a flatland park, over to Hungary to see the trickstars. And then to Germany for a battle in the club, those look really cool and the scene is sick. And finally up to Amsterdam to visit some cafes and see the locals.

What goals would you like to reach in your riding? Financial stability would be cool. My only goal is to keep flatland interesting for myself, and have fun like I did today. I wish the Austin crew had a warehouse for events and a place to put visitors up for the weekend. Ya know a flatland bed and breakfast so no one has to sleep on Adam´s couch.

Which trick/combo are you working on at the moment? I´m working on crossfooted tricks more, karl turbines and no handed back wheel glides. I´m linking most of my tricks on the front wheel into a big long link. I ride fast and do flashy tricks for shows, so consistancy is a priority. I pump a lot to keep speed and do switches. I think I´m mostly excited about backwheel now, itís new.

General stuff:

imageWhat kind of music do you like? I listen to every kind of music, mostly hip hop and drum and bass stuff.

Tell us your 3 favourite songs. Right now. Put em in their place/ Mobb Deep. Most Josh Martinez´ stuff. I´ll be OK/ Slug and Aesop Rock. Aesop rules. And Devin the Dude. Regina Spektor. Paul Wall. Diplo.

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don´t like. I like Beer, Mexican food and traveling. I don´t like crowds or lines. I really don´t like ignorant people or really cold weather.

What is your job / what do you study? I do flatland shows and I´m taking a couple of online courses this spring. I´m not very busy, but sometimes I get big gigs like the state fair. It was a month long. I also work with my friend EZ, I´m a lawn care amatuer.


What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? (for example music you listen to, another sport or whatever) I pitch washers; shoot pool, throw darts and cook. I love good food. Sometimes I throw the basketball around and mow the lawn. The biggest influence comes from stretching and weightlifting, it helps bike control, endurance and cuts down on injuries. And smokin bud motivates me in all these activities.

imageBike Check:

Frame: Sick Child Metropolitan
Bars: Sequence 7î ìXanî Bars
Bar ends: Knight
Stem: Sequence Hook 26mm. (get one)
Forks: KHE Tanaka
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero Hub, Primo white and yellow 14 g. spokes, CR-18 Sun rim 36.
Back Wheel: Nankai lite 9t, Primo white and yellow 14 g. spokes, drive rim 36.
Cranks: KHE Hindenburg, 152 mm.
B.B.: Ares plastic
Pedals: stationary bike pedals. Way cheap. Rubber grip.
Sproket: Animal 22t.
Chain: hollow pin, super kool lite.
Seat: Ti KHE Wanabe
Post: Thomson
Clamp: Unity
Pegs: Sequence 1.5, Black Magic grip tape
Tensioners: Camacura single
Tires: Odyssey Chase G 1.75 on front, KHE foldable 1.75 on rear.

imageLast words:

I want to thank Aaron Frost and Ed Nussbaum for helping me with parts and entry fees, they´ve been a huge motivation for me to keep riding. EZ Chris, R-dog, Adam, Diego, Chad, Jim, Mark, Joya, Julio, Julia, Anthony, Leo, Mike, Jen, Lyn. All the riders that make it the OG every weekend. Big thanks to Mark Dandridge for constantly updating bmxfreestyler.com with every Saturday session. He´s helped so much. My Mother has always been behind me. My Brother Matthew. Grandparents. Dad. Clown Dog, Empire bmx. Those shops got me where I´m at. The garage, it made this possible. THC in general, thanks. Kevin and Jason at 720. All the riders that have talked with me at anytime. Intrikat vids, thanks Chad J. inspiration!

2008-01-13 - Brigham