Diversion 7.0

Diversion 7.0, the final stage. . . as I watched the trailer a few months ago I couldn’t believe that this was going to be the last instalment of Diversion.
Known for its high quality camera work, editing and documentary-type style, Diversion has been a massive hit with riders around the globe.
Diversion 7.0 arrived at my door a few days ago, and it doesn’t disappoint!
This issue was mainly filmed in Europe, with a tiny bit of Japan thrown in for good measure!


The video begins by taking you on a trip to Hungary where you can see all the usuals busting out, Marton Szilagyi, Adam Kun, Peter Sarlos, Peter Szabolcsi and Denes Katona (who recently had a very impressive video online).
Aaron Frost must have influenced a few people as Shane Badman and John Leblond ride in the living room of Shane’s flat in Budapest. Some very nice riding in a very small space!
On to Germany we go where Seppl and the rest of the locals show us how it’s done. Seppl with his usual crazy whiplash style and Daniel Fuhrmann, who I must say is much underrated. He busts out with some seriously long, hard combos with a few new switches I hadn’t seen before.
Most of the footage from Flatring in Paris is from outside the contest area with only a short but sweet section from the competition. Anyone who has seen Diversion 2.0 will remember Balu from Brazil who makes a new and welcome appearance in 7.0.
imageHome of the famous Flatground contests- Amsterdam is up next. Locals Styse Winkel and Dez Maarsen throw down some nice combos here, but no Bram?
Lastly and by far my favourite section- Alex Jumelin. The whole section is filmed with Alex riding brakeless, and what a treat it is! Smooth flow and amazing combos! I have watched this one quite a few times! It has to be seen to be appreciated.
Bobby doesn’t hold back when it comes to the bonus section either. This on its own could have been produced into a DVD. Some amazing riding in these parts, my favourites being Peter Sarlos, who throws down some sick new switches and Seiji Sakata, who always blows me away.
There is a nice mini-vid from the last COB event in Japan, with some funny footage of Scott O’Brien trying to negotiate with a security guard.
I was also pleased to see some riding on there by the Keating brothers from my home country Ireland.
And so there we have it, Diversion 7.0, the final stage. Although I am disappointed there will be no new issues of Diversion each one was a classic in its own right and will always be remembered this way and I’m pleased to say 7.0 is no exception!


2007-11-18 - Pete Hollinger