Battle in da Club Tour 2007 Station 1
imageIn an industrial area, on the outskirts of north east Frankfurt, Germany. The nationally famed Cocoon Club, with ‘its avant-garde atmosphere’ was a cool place to hold an event bringing in, an eclectic mix party goers, flatland riders and Prince Pi fans. For tonight was the first round of the third Battle In Da Club tour.
As the poster stated, this is not a BMX contest. It is a fight!
BIDC organizer, Flat Art Crew founder…and battle rider! (busy man), Flo Sailer, selected the finely chosen group of 15 riders, both pro and future dons of Germany’s flatland scene, introduced to the eager audience by Francis, compere for the night.

The idea was to showcase BMX flatland, in a new context, to a new audience and have fun.
The main battle event, which started at around 9.00pm, were five minute rounds of one-on-one bloody battles. You miss your go, you don’t ride well, your out. According to the super ‘fresh yo’ Chris Böhm this was going to be the best battle yet. And judging by the crowds reaction, oh my.
The Preliminary Battles
Hand picked by the Red Bull ladies, the first round of clashes, began with Moritz Edschmids continual pinky squeaks being put to shame with Stefan Kornelys switch footed pedal 5’s to whiplash hang five variations.

Battle 2, saw Benni Großjohann play with the ‘simple’ consistent links of half hiker to spinning cliff-hangers back into spinning half hikers. Unfortunately for Benni, his fluent style was not enough to put him into the next round, as Sebastian Pospischil, his opponent, whipped out crazy technical inside hang 5 to half packer combos.

Battle 3, was the best prelim battle. Daniel Fuhrmans controlled, solid and focused style, pit against Chris Böhms speed and technical flamboyant style made the crowds jaws drop to the floor. Fuhrman uncharacteristically showed flaws in his runs though; not finishing and bailing on links. This gave Böhm the opportunity to excite the judges, and crowd alike, with highlights such as, no footed circle ks.

Like Fuhrman, Roman Rommel, was uncharacteristically out of tune for his battle against Matti Röse. All the tricks that he should have pulled just did not work out for him, the crowd did not appear to be behind him, but due to the massive practise session Röse had had before, it was obvious he was going to dominate battle 4 with his power, and stuberness not to lose.

The battle between Dan Hennig and Markus Reich, was similar in nature to battle 3. Both riders had a Pandora’s Box of tricks up their sleeves. But again, one dialled controlled run from Reich against one to many flashy boomerang mccircles from Hennig.

Battle 6, was an easy victory for a brakeless Waldemar Fatkin. Whos 180 tailwhip to hang 5 attempts and mccircle whoppers to decade out megaspins, had left Sven Steinbachs, 5 failed runs long behind the finishing line.

BIDC organiser Flo Sailer, had other things on his mind and flatland was not one of them, and it showed. David Hoffman, did not exactly have the run of his life and that also showed. More of a cat fight. We want blood. This is a fight! Remember?

The Semi Final Battles

Round 2 saw the gloves come off and the eight remaining riders realizing they needed to up their game, as this was not a BMX contest.
Battle 1 was on.

Matti Röse attempting
his crazy links

Röse, up against Fatkin, bailed what he had been getting dialled in practice: g turn to backwards manual to 180 decade out. Chances like these, left enough room for Fatkin to squeeze in some damage, which he unfortunately pedal slipped at the end of a very, very long multi linked run. These were exciting runs, by two sensational riders, who wouldn’t allow the other to breathe. Röse retaliated with two attempts at an opposite megaspin linked into a spinning backwards time machine, which from there, he tussled with his bike to jump 180 into a what looked like an upside down megaspin, but failed. It is these attempts, which give opposition like Fatkin, a chance to make it into the finals.
The remaining riders noticed that the level of riding needed to be raised and prelim runs were not going to cut it! As Hoffman, soon found out in battle 2 against Reich. Like Moritz in the very first battle, Hoffman continued doing the same trick over and over, in this case turbine half packers and half hikers which were not going to impress the judges, not at this stage of the clash.


Stephen Kornely given as good as he gets

Unlike Kornely, who busted out loads in battle 3 against Seppl (Pospischil), who busted his chain, (which may have been a blessing in disguise.)
Kornely, had a tightly controlled cross footed whip to inside steamroller, stubble ducked to a half packer, which he then spun into an elephant glide before whipping into a front yard. Kornely, who had an introduction in Freedom Magazine recently, as a one to watch, proved why, with another tech link; cross footed split leg steam to cross footed backpacker, switched into a hitchhiker. However, there was something about Seppl’s loose brakeless style, his ability to keep balance on those cross footed inside hang 5s variation combos, that made him the judges winner of this battle.
Sascha Heydemann trying to hold it together
Sascha Heydemann, by default of a missing rider, made it into the second round. His battle opponent was Böhm. Maybe not having a prelim run to warm him up would have helped him to relax more, as he did not appear too confident or pleased with his runs. And when you have Böhm, Boom shake shake the room, it makes life that little harder to focus. This is the sort of place Böhm thrives on; plenty of good looking girls for him to wink at, vibing from the bass, pumping through the sound system. All of this, taking his riding to another level.
The Third Place Massacre
Waldemr Fatkin spinning indefinitly during his last run

Waldemar Fatkin, versus Markus Reich. You will need to check the video for the fire in Fatkins eyes. From the start, he was determined to win the contest, but due to circumstances, he was left with having to take either third or fourth place and as third is close to second and first, he was not going to allow Reich to take that chance. What Fatkin basically did, was take all the best bits of his previous runs, link them all together, and unleashed a devastating whirlwind of barspun, split legged, switch footed, cross footed front wheel tricks, leaving Reich, leaving to just settle with fourth place.

The Final Clash
You will have to check the video. After the final decision, it was not sure who had won, because this, was an ultimate battle!
image image
Chris Böhm Seppl
Round 2 of Battle In Da Club is 28 July 2007 in Dresden. Be there.

2007-05-19 - blurb: Aleks, photos: Martin