2nd Brazilian Flatland Circuit
Hugo Silva translated the articles (link 1, link 2) from BMXpress.com.br. The photos are also from BMXpress.com.br.

Almost 40 athletes participated in the second stage of the Brazilian Circuit of Freestyle BMX - Flatland modality, that happened in São Paulo, on the 2nd and 3rd of September. Someimage of the participating athletes hadn't rode for some time like Vladimir Leoneti da Fonseca “Vlad”, new talents like Anderson Alves, Bruno Zebu and Hilton Moura Perón and, of course, the best known names like Luis Dos Santos “Arroz”, Leonardo Claro” Leo” and the already legendary Rômulo Jacinto Guerra “Bixcoito”, the only Brazilian athlete who won any Jam in the professional level during 2006.

All the competition would happen in set with the musical events of the project "Rock contra Pedra", idealized for São Paulo business man of this musical style and sponsored by the Municipal City hall and the Government of the State. And if the objective was to cheer up the population and to help to recoup one of the most traditional spots of São Paulo, the athletes of the national Flatland were there, with all the gas, despite of the floor determined for the competition, which wasn't the ideal, or the weather, that was cold and rainy during all the eve of the day of the competition, in the dawn and until the morning of Saturday which was the great day of Flat in São Paulo. Before the event, however, the sun came back to shine behind some stubborn clouds.

It was already dark when the board of the competion stated that the stages, imageduels and finals, would happen only on sunday, on another place. On stage, the winning athletes from the Pre-eliminary and Classification stages got names as following:

15 - Rodolfo Alexandre Conde
14 - Vladimir Leoneti “Vlad”
13 - Anderson Batista “Andy”
12 - Olivando Vieira “Choquito”
11 - Ricardo Lima “Alemão”
10 - Minoru Fujita
9 - Carlos Eduardo “Chapolim”
8 - Anderson Rogério Alves
7 - Edson Machado “Guedes”
6 - Helon César Gomes
5 - Rogério Gonçalves
4 - Rafael Araújo “Barata”
3 - Lísias Tabarelli
2 - Bruno Morotti “Zebu”
1 - Daniel Silva

On sunday the first duels were announced: Anderson X Barata; Zebu X Alemão; Hilton Moura “Perón” X Rômulo Guerra; Daniel X Rogério; Chapolim X Leo e Arroz X Gilson de Souza.

After 2 minute rounds only Anderson, Leo, Rômulo, Daniel Arroz and Zebu won their place in the next stage.
imageAfter new drawing Leo had to challenge Arroz, Zebu disputed with Daniel, and Anderson was contemplated with the mission of being adversary of Rômulo, the leader of the Circuit. In this phase, the most emotive duel happened between Arroz and Leo. Arroz presented a session of 1,2 minutes with many variations on the front wheel, finishing with Karl kruiser 360° kickflip, against Karl kruiser standing on pedal for steam roller on pedal of Leo, who finished this session with Karl kruizer on the pedal. During the 2 minutes of the duel, both had been able to initiate and to finish 3 combo's each and to the end, Arroz obtained the oportunity to watch the great final against Rômulo and Zebu again, that arrived for the first time so far in the circuit.

In the individual 1,5 minute rounds that determined the champion, the second and third placed of the stage, Arroz wasn't well at all and after some mistakes he finished 3rd. Zebu was one of the great names of the stage and showed a session with Karl cruiser to hitchiker to Karl kruiser 360° kick flip. In another entrance, still it had: Karl kruiser to halfpacker to backpacker to halfpacker to back bike whip and halfpacker again finishing with a cross footed hitchiker. However, Rômulo was still the owner of the most creative and most dialed sequences of the circuit. Among others, Rômulo showed lardyard to jump steam roller to circle-k to halfpacker, and presented about two variations of different maneuvers in its session. He then went for the back wheel, with pedaling upside down mega spin. No errors in the end.

The dispute for the three final positions of the podium saw Leo quitting his performance, either for not agreeing with the results of the previous duels, or insatisfaction with the floor or even psychological stress, the athlete simply lost the chance to classify itself better and to improve its qualification in the annual ranking. Later, after Leo's unfortunate episode, choosing 4º, 5º and 6º was a an emotive duel between Anderson and the new commer Daniel. After performing very well Saturday, Daniel showed everything that he knows. Anderson, however, managed to keep the good combos that he already had suceeded in the previous sessions, finishing with some of the ones he'd failed prevously. He showed a sequence in the front wheel with steamroller to hitchhicker, returning to steamroller doing a 360° bar flip, he finished with Karl kruiser. In the rear, he executed an cyclone to upside down rolling finishing with time machine. Right to the end of the jam he pulled the x-handed time machine that ended up making the difference on the final sum of the points.


1 – Rômulo Guerra – Nova Iguaçu / RJ
2 - Bruno Morotti “Zebu” – Penápolis / SP
3 - Luiz dos Santos “Arroz” – Taboão da Serra / SP
4 - Anderson Rogério Alves – Bauru / SP
5 - Daniel Silva – Fortaleza / CE
6 – Leandro Claro – Guarulhos / SP


Julio C. Dias Augusto from Brazil did a video of the contest. You download it in our video section: click here


2006-10-10 - Translated by Hugo Silva