January 2013: Navid Saleki from Sweden


Name: Navid Saleki Tjernlund
Age: 25
Location: Live in Groningen but I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden

When did you start riding? Why do you ride flatland above other forms of BMX?
I guess I started when I was 4 or five, on my sister’s bike; I had the seat against my neck while pedalling up and down on the far too big bike. Later on I got into skate and snowboarding in Sweden, but when I moved to the Netherlands those games were quickly over… I saw a commercial on extreme-sports channel of Phil Dolan and Day Smith and it looked so easy, so I decided, “give me a bike and I will be world champion” he he he… easier said than done. Years after I got a bike from my dear beloved uncle Robin Brown, I discovered the real Flatland and I was sold! Flatland is so personal that nothing can matter while riding and it is such a challenge that it’s addictive. It has become my workout, outlet, love, passion, lifestyle, guideline, hobby, friend, therapy, alive and who I am today.

How often do you ride?
I try to ride as often as I feel like riding! Depending on how busy I am with other things, school and how my body reacts on previous sessions. Usually try to aim at 3-5 times a week.


Do you ride contests?  If yes, what has been your biggest success? If not, why not?  (It’s interesting to find out people’s views on competition…)

Biggest achievements and joys are:

BMX Worlds: 2008 1st place expert class
BMX Worlds: 2007 pulled a trick first time ever during my run, I felt like a winner
BMX Worlds: 2011 bike broke during my run and I pulled afterwards a nice combo decade out, I was so happy
Got sponsored by Jungle Rider bike company

I’m not a competition rider but I compete to feel involved, for sponsors and partners and to support the originalism and bangers during a run as I try to have an as original run as possible and try my best tricks, because that’s my weapons! And competitions are all about attack, not defend.

I have also noticed that if I set rules, I start losing the joy in the riding and it gets less exciting, I like to think of a trick and aim pulling it and then move on from there and that does not connect very well with competitions unless I´m lucky;)

Where do you ride?
In the city where I study at the moment, Groningen in the Netherlands. Football stadium or the mediamarket parking garage in the Westerhaven area.

What is the riding scene in your town like?  Are there any other flatlanders?
I got a solid rider and friend Ron Lichtenberg, and then there are 3 young riders whom one is Jeroen Dekker (Global-Flat battle rider) and 3 others who ride sometimes. So overall for the size of the town it’s a good scene. Riders come and go. I often try to involve everyone to ride together once in a while.

can canIf you could take a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?
Japan (the scene is all about friendship and the joy of riding, and they are original)
California USA (relax and friendly scene, parking lots and awesome crews, and SUN)
Madrid Spain (great scene and many riders who just love jamming)
Porto Rico (place and weather must be great and I have seen many comps over there!)
Thailand (meet team rider Toon again, jamming whole day, evolving scene over there)

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?
Learn new tricks
Make new tricks
New possibilities
Travel and ride with others and share the joy of progression

Which trick/combo are you working on at the moment?
Many… ha ha ha! When I pull one trick once, I try others at once… bad for consistency but great for fun! Emm… I actually don’t know many names of tricks so I’m afraid you better come and ride with me, invite me to your place or let’s meet at comps to ride. But I’m busy with a one footed pedal manual to bike-flip kind of thing. My best combo is Flatland + Sushi.

What kind of music do you like? What are your 3 favourite songs?
Broad taste, which differ from season to season ha ha ha.
Apollo Brown
Swedish Hip-hop
Trap music

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like
Massage, food, tarmac
Arrogant people, broken spokes, rain

Do you work or study?
I’m looking for a job to pay for the study, life and traveling. I’m studying at the moment, last year of Technology management (industrial engineering)

Do you have any hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? (For example
music you listen to, another sport, whatever) I see you’re really into outdoor sports… what other kind of stuff do you enjoy doing?

Swimming (diving above and under water)
Many more things where I can challenge myself and get challenged


What would your ideal day be like?
Having a great night sleep, wake up with sunshine, take a swim in the sea, eat Swedish breakfast, go and ride in shorts, go swimming with friends and BBQ, come home and go riding with friends (street/flat) till its dark, and go home with a sore body :D Or eat Sushi.

Frame: Holiday 19.5“ by Jungle Rider
Forks: Scorpion
Headset: FSA
Stem: Suelo v2 35mm
Bars: Mk Ultra 9’’
Grips: Bizhouze ’’Gym’’grips
Bar ends: Precision products steel
Brake lever: Odyssey monolever medium
Brake Cable: cheapest no name brand
Brake caliper: none
Brake pads: Fly bikes
Rotor: none
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: United squad 22T
Cranks: KHE Hidenburg 2pce
BB set: KHE
Pedals: Fly bikes ruben plastic
Seatpost: KHE prismatic
Seat: KHE watanabe
Front tire: Odyssey frequency G 1.75
Front rim: Sun light
Front hub: Geisha light
Rear Rim: Primo balance
Rear tire: Suelo black 1.75
Rear hub: geisha light freecoster
Pegs: KGB control 2 XL

Have your say: This is the place for shoutouts, wise words or whatever you would like to tell the world!
I want to thank Effraim Catlow for being there for me as a fellow rider and friend. Since I started riding we’re some of the first at the practice area and now everything he does for Flatland. Martti Kuoppa, not only a living Legend in the game but also as the motivator he is. Flatland riders worldwide, the respect and joy they are willing to share. Jungle Rider bike company for pure “flatlandish-organic” products. Childstore Bicycle Store Sweden for supporting. Family, Uncle and friends, Kamil, Santiago, Ron and Sebastian for being there for me. And many more, who knows it.

I want to thank Global-flat for announcing me as Rider of the Month, is an honour.

Ride hard and do everything because you want to.



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