Stéphane Bar Photo Special

imageStephane, please introduce yourself!

Stéphane, 25, from Lyon, around 9 years of Bmx and 6 or 7 of BMX Flatland, and i took photos since 2007.

Do you take only BMX photos?

No, it´s an big part of my work, but i take some others kind of photos, like portraits, urban lifestyle (graffitis...), architectural photos, music concert like hiphop singers from USA (seek, PMD, Shyheim...) and other kinds of photos.

So you are a professional photographer?

Yes i have a degree of photographer but it´s difficult in France to find a real photographer job...

What was your best photo shooting this year?

My best photoshooting is at the BMX FORCE workshop where i shot flatland riders with a lot of dust (i never published these photos beacause a want to make a lot of this kind of pictures to make an exhibition in 2013), the most fun is with Jean François Boulianne, or with my friends of Lyon.

It´s great to hear you are planning an exhibition. Do you already know where it´s going to be?

Probably in Lyon, at the Anthracite shop.

What makes a good flatland photo for you?

For me there are many important things to make a good flatland photo, the first is the composition of the rider with the spot, taking care with the light, and be original and creative, and the riders push the style or the trick to the maximum is also an important thing. and another important thing is don´t stress the rider with the big camera :)

Did you ever have a rider crashing into your big camera?


ahah no not my camera, the only one was close to crash i protect the camera with my head....! But my flashes sometimes, the riders do a turbine close to the flash and kick the flash, and each time my heart stop! and finally the flash still working ! I´m lucky!

Where can people see more of your photos?

You can see more photos on: and i plan to make a real web site in the beginning of 2013, clear simple and with updates, lot of updates :)

Besides all the photography, do you still ride regularly?

Yes i ride 3 or 4 days a week when i have the time, and 2 hours per session during the week and more the weekend.

Is there a winter spot in Lyon?

Yes we have 2 cover spot but they no protect us against the cold, it´s a tramway station and a little cover spot, but we are looking for a gymnasium for this winter!

Last words Stéphane?

Yes, i would like to thanks all my friends from Lyon( Rémy from BMX FORCE, Kevin,Thomas D, Romain,Gaz, Benoit, Ken...) and the others like Charles Paty, Joris Bretagnolles, Mike Plas, Thomas Noyer, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Matthias D, Alexis Desolneux @ Heresy Bikes, Matti and Thomas @ Autum bikes, Sebastian, Jean-François Boullianne for his cheerfulness...! and of course Martin @ Global Flat for this interview!

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2012-12-28 - Stephane, Martin