430 RUN DVD Review by Jim

I´d like to start the review by saying thanks to Hiroshi Uehara and 430 for allowing me to see this incredible DVD.

Included with the first copies is a really cool black trick bike! Nice touch! The filming, editing and locations that were used were absolutely gorgeous. I found myself dreaming of going to Japan within the first few minutes of this.

imageAside from spots that were like nothing I´ve seen in my country, the riding level was very high. Each rider not only brought excellent riding and originality, but their own distinct riding style; which I think may be the hardest thing to show in flatland. The fact that these 12 riders all had such a strong, distinct, and well developed style is a testament to their hard work, and is something really worth mentioning. The overall quality of riding and filming in this is higher than things I´ve seen on the web this year, and I highly recommend picking up your own copy if you´re able to. It´s one to watch again and again! Without further delay, I wanted to share my notes upon watching RUN:


Kitayama is one of the best right now. His riding is fast, flowy, and extremely powerful. Some US riders may remember him from JoMoPro 2012 contest this year. His part begins with impossible karl turbines with incredible speed, flowing seamlessly into his front wheel assault. He continues with his trademark bunnyhop half whopper to switch hand steam, linking into a ninja-like halfpacker to full barflip to switch handed steam! There were some really nasty bails in his part; which I like. It shows the work he put in to get those links on film. 


The opening shot of his part is one of the most incredible flat spots I’ve ever seen! Flat square block surface stretching out in every direction, and empty aside from the rider. Really an impressive image! Signature back wheel pedal moves, and one of the nastiest backwheel lines I’ve ever seen, so dope! He continues by showing crazy bikeflips, and inhuman pivot skills! I´m a fan of his riding from what I´ve seen posted on the internet, but his part in RUN blew all of that out of the water! You´ll be speachless when you see it.


Kotaro has a really distinct jump-lash style, riding with a slammed seat. His part was not long, but it had some really neat x-footed bits, and a no handed karl kruzer that was pretty cool looking.


His section begins in a skate park, flowing through park, hitting ramps, grinding, and then cuts right into night time with a super stylish flatland link, then back to more good park footage. He looks completely at home both places, good rider.


Yohei rules. In his part, there is a lot of new stuff I haven´t seen before. There were several trick variations holding the bar behind the back, which is starting to look like a new trend. In this video he was using that position to link, which was very cool.  Ucchie lands a banger in this video that I don´t even want to describe. You´ll have to see it yourself!


Taka follows Uchie with more super fluid backwheel riding. Shot in an amphitheater, he has some really interesting moves including back wheel backwards spinning switching feet, and plenty of no touch decade jumps, which are just great to see. Standing on the pedal holding bar behind the back and turbining was super ill, and I´m not even going to say how he´s bringing back undertakers!


This was another short part, but still really quality riding. Whiplash turbines, bike tossing, empty parking spots, public parks. Really fluid and intense front wheel lines that I haven´t seen before.


I was totally blown away with his riding. He´s doing really stylish things on the back wheel with backwards spinning. I love all the original flavor he put into step over decade variations; full brakes and all! He is owning that trick right now!


Russia has a style that is so technical and difficult that I admit I don´t understand everything about it yet, just by watching. In this part he´s doing wild things with x-handed switches, unusual steparounds, and front side whips into switches. This was the most technical front wheel style on the DVD, and his part in it was legendary. Very distinct.


Crazy style with brakes, shredding! Really unusual moves I haven’t seen before, rocking the SHIT out of a back brake with an awesome mohawk! I normally prefer brakeless, but he is my one exception. His part is just awesome to watch!  He´s doing really cool things, with total style. I dig it!


So cool to see Hiroshi tearing it up in this! His puppet glide to step over decade was sick! Seatpost megaspins, hiker darksides and more.  Fun clips!


Hiro is a beast! His style is really developed now - seeing his part made me realize just how far he´s taken it. He has so many unreal front to back and back to front wheel switches I can´t even list them here. One thing that really blew my mind was seeing him stand on the seatpost holding front peg spinning, and then jump to front wheel! dope! Hiro killed it in this part. Lighting fast switches!

Thanks again to Hiroshi Uehara and 430!

2012-08-22 - Jim McKay