Joris Bretagnolles on THAT edit...

So Joris, what’s the story behind the amazing edit you have out at the moment?  I would say that you’re influenced by more than just BMX… How did the idea for the edit come about, and how long did it take to complete?  It looks like you had a lot of fun putting this together…

In France we had a big buzz on a new movie called ‘The Artist’. It was released in 2011, but filmed in black and white. A friend of mine wanted to make an edit, and made me hear a jazz song that he wanted to put in the video. Then I had a ‘click’ let’s do more than just the normal edit that all kinds of people will enjoy. 

One big influence was Raphael Chiquet as many of you know. Actually it´s only been 1 year since I lived in Paris. So a lot of thing are new to me, there is an unlimited amount of stuff to look at and get inspired with. Especially for a new citizen. 

We filmed 7 days over 3 months and 1 day for the party!!!  We had a lot of fun and I was stoked that my girl was in it!!!


Why do you ride BMX? And why do you ride Flatland in particular?
I was so young 13, maybe, my parents got me a BMX for Xmas, but I used it to ride in the woods.  Because I come from a small city also, tough pegs were used to give a lift. Ahah! Then a nurse came with her boyfriend because she couldn´t drive. The dude got his bike out of the trunk and pulled a time machine.  First trick I saw hooked me up for life. 

How much does the Paris scene influence you?  Paris seems such a vital, vibrant city, full of creativity, not just in riding, but other culture too…
The music is a big part for me. Sometimes I put some cool hip hop on and ride, relax and flow. Then when I want to get crazy I put on harder music like dub step. Street dance is also inspiring me because I like the culture and there moves. I actually watch a lot of videos on the web. That why I really try to put an artistic style in my riding. 

How did the deal with KHE come about?   It seems that a lot of French riders seem to gravitate
towards Saint Martin…

I think it´s normal that French riders encourage a brand from their own country. As far as KHE goes, they were looking for someone to represent them in France. Some people told them I was a good candidate. And also winning a battle against Adam Kun helped me out a lot…

Tell me about your love of cars… Being a fellow petrol-head, I couldn’t help but notice the Cobra in your edit.
My family are car lovers. Before I really liked Japanese car for there aggressiveness and performance. Now I am more into American muscle cars, added with the rock and roll style. The Cobra belongs to my parents. I am gonna get a corvette 70 to do all the things you should do with those kind of vehicles. 


You’re a train driver by profession, what does a typical working day on the rails involve?
There´s no typical working day, actually. It´s the advantage of this job, I think. You can work in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or even at night.  The trains are always different. Plus the SNCF, the company I work for, isn´t really a company where you have to work hard: I have as many train driving hours as time off in every working day

What would the perfect day be like for Joris?
The perfect day for me would be during a weekend in the summer. My family lives in the countryside so I would wake up, go to the swimming pool, eat and drive a vintage old car, and at 7 pm, I would ride for 3 hours, then take a shower and go to a party!


Wrapping this up, is there anyone you’d like to thank? Do you have any wise words for your fellow flatlanders?
I´m not going to take up 10 pages of your site, but I have too many people to thank! I´ll try to make it short. 

First, I´d like to thank KHE Bikes, who support me and who are very professional and attentive. As soon as I need something, there they are! Then, BMX Force, a very well equipped shop in Lyon, who also gives good advice! It is also the headquarters of flatland BMX in France. The owner is Rémy Dunoyer, and he is an outstanding seller but first and foremost a friend, so thanks for everything he´s done. Thanks to my family for supporting me, and my girlfriend, for making me believe I am a world champion, even if I mess up during a contest! Thanks to Kevin Meyer, my best friend, for all our laughs, as well as our show projects, and who is always here for me!

And I don´t have THE piece of advice, but I would say that every flatlander should choose his way without following trends, if he does great tricks while using his brakes, let him use them! If he´d rather ride a flatland-type bike, he shouldn´t try to get a street-type bike just to be in fashion. And finally, who cares if this or that trick is in fashion? Get out of this circle and ride in your own way!

So thank you for this interview, and long life to our sport!

2012-06-12 - Morgan