September 2011: Alan Alfaro from the Philippines


Name: Alan Alfaro
Age: 23
Location: Cabanatuan City, Philippines

When did you start riding? Why ride flatland above other forms of BMX?
I started riding BMX since I watched X-GAMES on ESPN way back 2002. Since then I am deeply fell in love with BMX. I ride flatland because it is very difficult and challenging!

How often do you ride?
I ride like 3 or more hours a day. I will ride as long as my body permits.

Do you ride contests? If yes, what has been your biggest success? If no, why not? (It’s interesting to find out people’s views on competition…)
Yes, I love riding in the contest because it´s the perfect time to show your skills and it really gives you the extra motivation to ride harder! Also, in contest you can meet new friends and have fun with fellow BMXers… Ahmmm, what has been my biggest success?? And who says that this is not? I’m gonna kick his ass! Ha ha! Of course, being featured in the Global-flat rider of the month section is a big success in my part  =)

Where do you ride?
There is a park near my home and it´s perfect for flatland coz the surface is pure flat, ultra smooth and tire friendly. And I might say that I´m one of a lucky idiot… ha ha ha =) 

What is the riding scene in your town like? Are there any other flatlanders?



I´m happy because the riding scene is good. Yes, flatlanders are getting bigger here…

If you could take a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?
Japan - flatland paradise & lot of good riders.
USA - like to meet and ride with the pros like Terry Adams, Jesse Puente, Matt Wilhelm, Chad DeGroot and many more.
Spain - want to ride with Viki Gomez.
France - for Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin and Raphael Chiquet.
Finland - for Martti Kouppa the jungle rider.

I want to travel all over the world and learn different kind of cultures.

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?
Yes, to be a pro flatlander but I’m not rushing into it coz it takes a lot of time and patience. As of now I’m more focus in my riding, I ride harder, doing my best and having fun with my little iron best friend. =)

Which trick/combo are you working on at the moment?
Spinning stuffs, bar flip switches and long links.

What kind of music do you like? What are your 3 favourite songs?
I listen to any kind of genre because I love music. But here is my 3 favourite songs Tadjang by Eyescream, Acceptance by Light of Luna & Sumpaan by Halloween Incorporated…  They’re all original in my town and those artists are my good friends. Also, they have big names in the Philippine music industry that´s why I’m so proud to them. =)

My 3 favourite foreign songs is Tallulah by Sonata Arctica, Angels by Within Temptation, Trail of broken hearts by Dragonforce.

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like:
Chocolates, nice people, I like to think and act in a positive way.

I don´t like the rain; I hate people who thinks negative, war

Do you work or study?
I love to work but I’m jobless! I wish someone can give me a job. LOL =) I’m not studying but I´m learning. These days I only ride BMX.

Do you have any hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? (For example music you listen to, another sport, whatever)
I love going to concerts, partying and hanging out with friends is great! I love to do everything that involves into extreme sports.


Frame: Quamen cyphr 2010
Ares midi
Bar ends:
precision bar caps
Quamen macros
animal flangeless
St. Martin Mikado 2011
Quamen Mobile
Odyssey twisted
KHE tanga
Ares tau
Front rim:
Ares DM22 36H
Rear rim:
Ares DM22 36H
Tires: front& rear:
Front hub:
St. Martin domino 2011
Rear hub:
Ares Boo 2
Front Pegs:
Ares uma
Rear Pegs:
Ares uma
Seat clamp: 
KHE prismatic flatland
Headset: animal

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First of all, Big thanks to our Almighty God for all the blessings and for the good health and safety.  Thanks to you Morgan and to all the people behind global-flat for having me as a part of their ROTM section, this is such a wonderful opportunity to me. Thanks to my family for the support… I love you mom and dad! Hi, to all of my friends out there (you know who you are) thank you so much guys =) and you, thanks for the time reading this! He he he=) and last to my loving Girlfriend Amie. Thanks & I love you so much!  RESPECT AND LOVE TO ALL FELLOW BMXERS! PEACE & RIDE HARD! CHEERS YOW! =)

2011-09-06 - Morgan