July 2011: Michael van der Kroft from the Netherlands

Name: Michael van der Kroft
Age: 20
Location: Delft, Netherlands


When did you start riding? Why ride Flatland?
I think it was back in 2004 after Flatground, seeing these guys ride was amazing!  I fell in love with it and that´s how I spent the last seven years of my life on a bike.  If I don´t ride enough I get moody and restless.

Do you ride contests?  If yes what has been your biggest success?
Yes I do ride contests.  Contests are really good to see old friends and make new friends, hangout with them and party.  I really like sightseeing in other country´s of the world.  After contests I feel more motivated to ride, learn new tricks and improve on my skills.  If the contest isn´t that good, but if the other factors around it are good, I´m still pleased about the contest.


My best success has been The Worlds 2009.  I qualified 8thFieldcontrol 2010 got third place, and last month I went to the United States for Battle at the Bricks and got 6th place.  I´m happy with it, nobody likes being jet lagged!

Where do you ride?
If the weathers good I ride before my work at the Lido spot in Amsterdam. When I don’t work I ride in The Hague, there is a really nice spot but a lot of annoying skateboarders!  And if it rains and it does a lot ! " welcome to the Netherlands" I ride in Haarlem at a amazing super smooth spot.

What is the riding scene in you town like? Are there any other flatlanders?
There is no scene here! Only street/park riders, I tried to convince them but didn´t work out.


If you could take a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit and why?
First of I would like to tour the U.S. for like 2/3 months so that I really see a lot of different places, riders and go to a lot of contests/jams!  Second, Flatland mecca, Japan.  See the KOG with my own eyes and participate.  Third will be Canada. All the guys I met are hilarious. Some are lil bit annoying with their sound makers, ha-ha they know, but it´s in a good way!  Fourth will be Australia. The scene is getting bigger and bigger these days and to sightsee.  I think it´s beautiful.  Last but not least I would like to go to South America, the scene is massive there. I know it´s not a country but I if had to choose just one, I couldn´t.

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?


It´s quite funny, this question comes a lot lately "After Ninjaspin" JF Bouilanne from Canada went back with us to the Netherlands, and he showed me a whole other way of thinking.  So I stopped smoking got fit and ride as much as I can.  Lately I´m progressing a lot so thanks JF, back to the question. I would like to ride Pro one day but I don´t want to step up to pro too early, this happens a lot these days.  That’s my opinion. In the end to be sponsored by a company and promote them and ride all around the world will be really cool!

Which tricks, combo´s your working on?
Working on a lot of tricks at the moment.  Mostly getting dialled now. Trying to hit 5 of 5 with easy links and with some harder combo´s 3 out the 3 and it´s a pain in the ass. Props for the guys who are hitting it!

What kind of music do you like?
I like all kind of music mostly Hiphop, Dubstep and Reggae depends in what kind feeling I´m in.

Tell us 3 things you like and don´t like...
Like: Ride my bike. Travel, Sessions
Don´t like: Rain, Bumpy floors, Haters

Do you work or study?
I work in Amsterdam at an Italian place. From Delft to Amsterdam is 1.5 hours so I try to ride before my work if I feel up to it.  It´s a long travel but I always get my days off to go to contests or to do shows.

Do you have any other hobbies beside Flatland and do they influence your riding?
No my passion is Flatland most of the time If I don´t ride I´m at work, or relaxing with my girlfriend or I search the web for new edits. Or I´m at home making a mess in the living room because I like to fool around with my bike thinking of new tricks.


Bike check
Frame: Deep blitz
Fork: Odyssey
Handlebar: Abadthing
Stem: KHE
Cranks: Ares 140mm
Sprocket: Ares
Pegs: Front sequence; Back KHE plastic
Hub: Proper
Freecoaster: Ares boo
Rims: Alex D22
Tires: Front KHE; Back Odyssey "soft"
Brake: Suelo
Grips: ODI
Seat: Macneil customized

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First off all thank you for reading this.  I would like to thank Global-flat.


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