January 2011: Igor Zavarka from Russia

imageHi, my name is Igor Zavarka, I´m from Russia, but I´m not a communist =) (I want go to live in Canada) I live now in Stavropol city, this is Caucasus region, this is not a peaceful place, there is terrorism, nationalism, and stupid people=(

When did you start riding?
I was starting to ride since 2006; recently I was closed a 5 season, because winter is come.

How often do you ride?
I riding 3-4 hours in the summer in a day without works, I don´t a practice in the winter times, spring and autumn times, I riding for 1-3 hours in good weather. In 2011 season I´ll be haven´t no time to ride as I would like (1-3 days of the week).

Where do you ride?
Downtown, small spot (7 x 5 meters), but it has good cover. My town is so much bored for me, soon I hope, I will leave my town.

Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?

Sorry, Simon O’Brien, I work on a combo - blender bikeflip to pedal upside down megaspin. I am trying to come up with something of my own, as the elements themselves and the content of tricks in combinations. I like backwheel styles, like spinning, turbines, pedalling tricks. My favourite tricks is blender no hand, pedalling upside down megaspin, pedal deathtruck no hand, blender bikeflip. 

imageWhat kind of music do you like? Tell us your 3 favourite songs.
I like ragga, funk, reggae, funky breaks, indie rock, indie pop, new wave, j-ragga, dancehall music styles. In these latter days I listening dirty dirty indie rock.
Hot hot heat - JFK´s LSD
Tommy Sparks - I´m A Rope
New Politics - Give Me Hope

Imagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?

TORONTO, Honolulu, Miami-beach, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Macau at the same time

What is your job/what do you study?
I have a degree in Ecology and the Environment, but I have a job as graphic designer

What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? 
Design, filming, editing, directing and I am one of the main characters of project Zaibatsu TV (comedy video magazine), and also I creating clothing design.

Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?
I ride alone in town. I suggested my friends-riders from other cities to integrated and was established "ziffir crew" (flatland team, flatland shows, clothing, events factory=))

I plan to change all my stuff, old bike needs to rest
For now I have KHE Tantra 07, and St.Martin Eiffel 09 frames in my closet =)
I want to build a hybrid bike which I will ride aggressively at any time
Fork- KHE Tanaka
Bar- KHE Swiss miss
Cranks- Beatles (trial brand)
Sprocket- neon 18t (trial brand)
Pedals- KHE
Pegs- flatarmor bombards (Ukraine brand)
Seat- KHE watanabe be
Seatpost- prism
Tires- odyssey frequency q 1.75 =*
Rims- I don´t know
Hubs- Taska, St Martin

My videos
These are my solo movies:

And riding profile only:

sorry for video quality, me too lazy to buy a Vimeo plus=)

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