Carhartt Roadtrip Part 2

imageWe left barcelona and drove trough the night to our next sleeping place. all frank told us was to be patient because we will love it there. well, driving there through the night with only coffee and good stories and nice funny interpretations of traffic signs we ariived just in time to watch the sun rise for another super day. it was a perfect breakfast with fruit some cereals and a shower. thanx frank! after enough sleep we packed up the car and hit the road for tarifa.
tarifa is the place in europe where you can actually see africa. boats come and leave as well as people in this small town. everybody is really friendly and the town has narrow streets that remind of the "no car" area of venice in italy!
after we driopped off our baggage at the rooms we went to the town to find a spot. we ended up on the beachside were it was windy but still awesome! impressive background! so happy after the riding we went for food and drinks into the narrow streets. we hung out in the bars and had a good time!
next day, breakfast, read mails , pack up van and go west. we tried to find a spot on the way but we didnt find anything but saw a funny light in the sky. since it was cloudy we didn´t really see  what it was but it was definetly not the sun! it just seemed weird that the sunrays were broken into smaller rays with a focus in the middle. weird... and yes we followed the thing.  we came out "in the middle of nowere" at some kind of a helicopter landing place. so we got the bikes and started filming a bit. unfortunately we got kicked out pretty fast from hardliner securities :)
we had fun making up conspiracies about the spot and had a good drive down to portimao.
we got there and already some familiar faces were there. the deep crew was already there for some days to have holidays, matthias was rockin in the floor hard and sebastian pospischil and the kunstform crew obviously already had a couple of sessions. so motivated we entered one of the coolest comps of 2009!

thanx to the team for a superrelaxed time that still shines!

i want to use this to wish you all a happy 2010!
ride on and peace!


2010-01-16 - Michael Sommer