December 2009: Artem Savichev from Russia

portraitName – Artem Savichev (Sava)
Age - 21
Sex - Male
Location – Moscow, Russia

When did you start riding? August 15, 2005 I bought my first BMX and began to learn the basic tricks on it. It turns out since that moment has passed already more than 4 years. 

How often do you ride?In the warm season, I try to ride every day. But here in Russia the cold climate and almost no indoor parks for skating make this hard. Therefore it is necessary to search for a way in the winter to ride as is possible is more often: to search for underground parking, sports halls etc. Very glad that we still have started to build indoor parks, after all when there are problems with riding in the winter much less and it is possible as to go skating every day.  

championDo you ride contests?  If yes: your biggest success?
Yes I participate in competitions, it is important for me. For me they show that you stand as a rider. I consider as the greatest success 2nd place on Adrenalin Games 2008 Moscow when I have conceded in the ending only to Waldemar Fatkin. 

Where do you ride? – Your Spot(s)
I often ride on a spot located not far from my house. I like that in order to ride well enough for me to leave the house and ride 5 minutes on the bike. Sometimes I ride on a spot in the centre of Moscow, this often happens when I want to ride with guys who live far away from me. 

nighttimeCan you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?
In Moscow, in comparison with other cities of Russia, there are most of all riders. I am pleased to see that now there appears to be more and more beginners, but also rapidly progressing riders. Also in my city a lot of skilled riders have been riding already for a long time. Perhaps the most famous and titled rider from Moscow is Alex Proshin. Another rider rolling around for a long time and do a lot for the flatland development in Russia is Dmitry Tikhonov, he created several sites devoted flatland in our country, the last is Dmitri is also just a very good friend of mine; he helped me when I first started riding. In general, it seems to me that riders from Moscow have a very good level of riding, but unfortunately they do not get out on large competitions outside of the country. Hopefully this will change soon. 

Imagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit sunshine-1for riding and why?
1. At first I would visit the city of Koblenz in Germany. Would like to visit the good friend Waldemar Fatkin and take part in BMX Masters. I hope it will turn out next year.
2. Paris. In my opinion there is a chic atmosphere for riding and a lot of different spots.
3. England. I just really like this country and there are a lot of very cool riders.
4. Vienna. I do not know why... Maybe because of the Michael Sommer skating.
5. California 

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?
Not a specific purpose, so far I just get huge kicks from riding. But I have a dream – to open a flatland school for children, I will necessarily try to carry it out. I always would like to infect as much as possible people. Children are very sincere, for it is always possible to say whether they like or not.  And then it is so cool to watch their sincere joy when they do that then get better. 

competition -1Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?
There are many tricks. I rarely learn the tricks one by one. Usually I begin to learn multiple tricks. Those from them which turn out better I try to finish to stability as soon as possible. And the others I complete later. Now I try to learn as much as possible moves on a back wheel.

What kind of music do you like? Tell us your 3 favourite songs
Rock ‘n’ roll in all its manifestations. For me it is music which really has a soul.There are a lot of favourite songs but of those that now I hear most often is: the smiths - this charming man, Blue oyster cult – Burnin’ for you, The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night. 

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like
I do not love: false people, injustice, treachery

I love: a family, friends and my bike. 

What is your job / what do you study? I work in a sports newspaper. What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? (For example music you listen to, another sport you make or whatever) I regularly go to a gym. It helps a lot in skating, I always find myself in good physical shape; and to learn new tricks easier. Sometimes I do other sports such as football, hockey and tennis. I do not think that all it strongly influences on riding, I think just the opposite, riding influences my hobbies. 

Bikecheck: bike
Frame: A Bad Thing Frame
Fork: St Martin - Champagne
Handlebar: Odyssey "Chase" Bar
Crank: KHE - Hindenburg 2pc
Pegs: A Bad Thing - Pegs
Pedals:  Odyssey Plastic
Stem: KHE - Minimalism
Seat: KHE - Watanabe
Seatpost: Odyssey
Front Wheel: We The People - Pi, Primo Balance 48
Rear Wheel: Taska - Ufree Freecoaster, Alien Nation - Deviant Rim 36
Sprocket: KHE - Ninja 

adrenalineLast words:I wish Russian riders to receive as much as possible pleasure from riding and a rapid progress. I think very soon the guys from Russia will show the world that our country is not just vodka, though it is delicious, but still good riders.  Sincerely I wish to tell thanks to those people which support me: to my family, friends, sponsors (Magic Park Wear) and to global-flat for interview and for an excellent site which helps to remain always in the course of events in the flatland world.

2009-12-02 - Morgan