Newcircle DownUnderground Contest - Round 1: Perth, Western Australia
imageAh man I hate early flights. 5.30am at the airport… normally there are better places I would rather be at that time but with the first round of the Newcircle DownUnderground contest happening today I suddenly donīt mind at all.

One 5 hour flight later (& still in the same country!) I arrive in Perth to be met at the airport by Shaun Jarvis with a car full of contest gear that heīs taking to the spot to setup. Shaun is involved with running Freestyle Now! - a BMX demo team that do shows all over Perth & beyond. Shaunīs been into BMX & flatland for a long time so heīs got the organising side of events down pat.

The riders all involved in setting up the Down Underground contests always work hard with venues & making sure that everything goes as good as it can, usually with little to no budget. It always takes a bit of creative thinking to get things like this off the ground, but itīs great to see that itīs happening. This year the contest was held with the Canning Show - one of the biggest family events in Perth so it was great for flatland to get this kind of exposure in Australia.

The site was great, already the majority of Australiaīs riders in attendance  & everyone pitching in to setup. The contest was due to start in a few hours so there was plenty of time for warm-up & practice to go down. The floor was perfect & undercover & a ton of space for the crowd.

Rider turnout was ok. Not all of the riders in Australia were there, but there were people from nearly every state which was great. Everyone was keen to bust out & get riding so regular jam sessions were going down. It was great to see that there were a lot of street riders coming to hang out & watch as well.

imageThe riders were split into two groups: Advanced & Middies (Master Class). The Middies had two, two minute runs that were tallied to give the final results. The Advanced class had 2 runs of  2 minutes & the scores were used to determine the order of the battles for the final. It was great to see the level of riding progressing in Australia & more importantly that everyone was having a really good time & the audience were really getting into it judging by all the cheering & clapping.

So first contest of the series got off to a good start - look for Round 2 in Australia early next year!!

Final Results:
1) Shane Badman
2) Brett Dighton
3) Ben Moran
4) Andrew McDermott

1) Jason Parker
2) Mike Brandt
3) Shaun Jarvis
4) Andi Fontini

2009-11-10 - Shane Badman