Eric Effinger

imageA while ago I read some comments on Global-Flat from back in Canada asking about my mate Eric. I met Eric in Hyde Park a few months back, we´ve been riding together quite frequently since then and been at two contests, too. I decided to ask him if it was okay for me to shoot some pics and ask some questions to give the Global-Flat audience a quick update of his life. He said yes, so here we go! - Michael Steingräber

Eric, tell me your name, age and when you started riding please.

My name is Eric Effinger, 23 years old, and I started riding when I was 16 years old.

imageYou told me when you came here to Australia, you hadn´t been riding for a while. How did that happen? Did you just stop riding altogether?

It wasnt intentional: post secondary school and work and a lot of random things came into play, and also seasonal disadvantages of living in Canada, it just kinda took me away from my bike.

And then you came here and you decided to bring your bike. How was it to get going again with the riding? Was it difficult to get your tricks back or did it come easyly?

You know, it´s like riding a bike: you never really forget!

So you would encourage other riders to get into it again if they had a break and they find they´re interested in Flatland again?

Absolutely! Pick up your bike, roll around in circles! just make sure your enjoying yourself

What made you decide to come to Australia in the first place?

I had just finished up college and I needed a little bit of a break before more post secondary school in Canada. There alot of similarities to Canada except for the obvious seasonal advantage of no snow (Winter and myself are not good friends anymore)

So I figure you like it down here?

It´s very similar to Canada, a little bit more gambling, and a lot more sun.

Eric in Hyde Park, Sydney

Okay, in Melbourne you were going to enter the BMX Games in the amateur class, and they made you ride pro. How did that go?

imageIt was pretty unexpected, but it went very well! I ended up finishing third, which felt great and gave me even more motivation to come back and ride harder for the next competition in Sydney.

You mention the Downunderground Sydney. You went in that again and got second. It seems like contests are going pretty well for you. Are you going to enter some more?

I could see competiting again, its a great way to meet new people, see new things and get motivated, makes you step out of your comfort zone which is healthy from time to time.

I agree! Hmm, back home, Canada, eh? I read a few comments online from people who saw the results from Melbourne and they were wondering if you´re that" Eric Effinger" Do you have anything to tell them, are you looking forward to seeing them again when you go back to Canada?

I can´t wait to meet back up with some of them. The power of youtube has allowed me to stay in tune with some of their riding as well while I´m over here. Being able to watch them ride has pushed me, just being able to know that they are still going at it harder than ever, and they´ve progessed so much, I can´t wait to go back and just keep having fun

imageLet´s talk about your bike. When I first met you and saw you ride, you had a very low seat, very low handlebars. It reminded me of the bikes a couple of years back. Has that changed at all recently?

Well, I´ve been able to pick up a few components from contest prizes and now I´m riding a little more upright and my lower back loves me. It´s been an adjustment, but I can definitely see the advantages of a not so compact setup.

So, it´s higher handlebars for you, right?

Higher Bars, and I adjusted the seat up as well.

Nice, I think it suits your height much better. To finish up, is there anyone you wish to thank or greet, while we´re at it?

I definatly want to thank all the Aussies for the warm welcome! I look forward to joining up with the Canadian scene when i get back home to keep pushing things forward and enjoying myself!

Yeah, I think that´s what it´s all about, just having fun on your bike! Thanks Eric, see you soon in Hyde Park!

2009-04-25 - Michael Steingräber