Impulsivity DVD: Martti, Viki and Pete

imageWhat was your motivation for putting yourselves through the task of filming one-off (never before done) combinations?

Martti: For me that is the whole point of capturing my tricks for a DVD. At the end, that is the whole point why I keep on riding. Never done before and never will be done again (by me) is  my shot of dope. I could go further with this answer but let´s not confuse anyone more than they are already with me.

Viki: My motivation was to film tricks that I don’t want to do anymore in my life. Some tricks come, I pull and I never do them again. Why? I don’t know...Ask to the trick? jajajaja

Pete: I was really motivated by the concept of the video to push the tricks I was working on and get them down on video. Three of the links you´ll see were hit for the first time in this video.

How much time did you dedicate to riding and filming with this project in mind?

Martti: I filmed my first trick for it end of 2005. Then I made my decision that I want to come up with a complete video part. Lot of the tricks took me 3 - 4 days to capture and every time I filmed I did it around 4 hours a day.

Viki: It has been 2 years now. The ideas were in the head, Still many that I have could be in the video but then it would be a never ending story!... I hope in future I can make those ideas still possible and on the tape!

Pete: It was spontaneous for me. I heard about the video and wanted to contribute.

How many times did you change the name of the video?

imageMartti: Few times. First it was supposed to be “South and North Connection”. (Spain & Finland) but then “Impulsivity” described better what is riding all about.

Viki: As you know we are mind changers, we make changes during riding and in life too! thats the mind of a freestyler! “I, I, I like again” 3 times more! jajaja

How many times did you bump the filming deadline?

Martti: Heh, good one. Too many but at the end, we did not want to release it with some junk between our teeth so that is why it took so long. Of course we could still add one more year but sometimes you got to let it go and relax... Also, let the feeling "I could do it better" stay as an attitude to avoid giving up with progression.

Viki: Many times...but we wanted to be happy with the video so that’s why we did it this way!

Did you set out to capture a certain number of tricks? or did you just let it flow?

Martti: I made a list that I could follow up as I film but also that list started to change a lot and some tricks, were just too difficult to reach so I had to modify that list for that reason as well.

imageViki: I let it flow. I wanted to drop concepts and styles. Now the new generations can take all the ideas and all the tricks if they want. I’ll be in the space! jajaja

Pete: It was flow from what I had in my mind and a few things that I really wanted to step up and make harder.

How many different bikes did you ride in the filming of "Impulsivity"?

Martti: Hmm, I believe I had 2- 3 different frames. Not sure.

Viki: I don’t know, I guess around 5 different bikes.

How many different countries did you travel to during the production of this dvd? Name the countries please.

Martti: During that 3 years I basically filmed all of my stuff in Finland, Thailand and Spain. Besides those 3 countries I believe I traveled to around 15 different countries to ride at comps and at shows.

Viki: 3, I filmed in Madrid, Japan and Chile.

Do you prefer to ride solo when you´re filming or does a jam circle with many riders motivate you more?

imageMartti: Solo is the only way to reach harmony when I film. Whiplashes are the only tricks I had to make exception because I cannot afford a moving robot if you know what I mean.
When I film solo it doesn´t matter if I try the trick for 4000 times because I don´t have to make anyone bored, and Chad, you live too far out there. I miss the days to film with you.

Viki: I like to do it alone just for the fact that I’m facing myself and it’s personal proof that I had to pass.

Pete: It works better for me when someone is filming, but if no one is around I try to put the camera in the right place and go off.

What can others expect from this video?

Martti: I hope people will go into the smallest details as far as riding and editing goes. Don´t mind the filming style because it is all about the beauty and purity of tricks. I don´t know if there will ever be another video part from me again after this one.

Viki: I hope they can expect love, spirit, passion, effort, imagination, creativity, originality... Impulsivity!

Pete: They can expect that the video was well worth the wait and it is a video they will see a lot of progression. I was really motivated and am stoked to be part of it.

Describe "Impulsivity" in one word.

Martti: Classic

Viki: Complete!

Pete: Insanely motivating.


Chad inTRIKat Johnston edited the video

2008-11-23 - Martti, Viki, Pete and Chad