Dreams… everybody has them, but how many can make their dreams reality? Or in flatlands case, how many riders have the opportunity to make their dreams reality?image
Terry Adams from Hammond, Louisiana, USA is one such rider who has taken the  initiative, and made his dream to be a professional flatlander a reality.

This DVD unlike previous other solo DVDs focuses as much on the narrative as the visual (tricks), taking you through the journey of Terry’s dream to be a professional rider.
The DVD has the feel of a documentary, which personally I like this format, it’s very interesting to watch.
Within flatland I know that not many riders push to get coverage, Terry however is one of a kind, and hunts down that coverage, that has helped him get two flatland covers, one of which as explained on the DVD is one of the best recent sellers.

“Being a professional rider it’s critical my face shows up in as many magazines as possible” Terry Adams…

Friends within the industry such as myself, Bobby Carter, Dennis McCoy, Fat Tony, Matthias Dandois, Matt Wilhelm, and Chad Johnston offer exclusive interviews on Terry’s effect to the flat scene whether its contest riding or media coverage, Jeff Z from US Ride and Ben Crockett at Bmx Plus, discuss the two covers Terry shot with them, the infamous Katrina cover for Ride US, and the hitchhiker jump cover for Plus, and even how he motivated Matt Wilhelm to try and get the cover for Bmx Plus back in summer of this year.

There are insightful views into what Terry does behind the scenes in his effort to promote flatland, how hes learnt to talk to the media, or through shows, (plenty of coverage of his Red Bull nightclub shows on here also)..

If you think flatland is dying, this DVD is a timely reminder that if you put in the work and make the effort, you can achieve your dreams, it was surprise to me to see Terry feature as the 11th most marketable bmxer, yes that’s right not, not flatlander, bmxer.
This goes to show what we all know, flatland is marketable.image
Besides the narrative, there is great riding from Terry, and incredible filming shots at many different great locations (he even has his own amazing spot in his backyard) and great lighting from Mickey Gaidos helps enhance the tricks, Terry has added in the whopper recently to his arsenal of tricks, and pulls them out of his pedalling time machine leapfrog to rear wheel backpacker combo, and also out of the hitchhiker jump to peg wheelie combo. I know he was wanting this trick for a long time, so its awesome that he got it on tape.

Mickey Gaidos excels himself in the production and filming of this video, the choice and variety of locations all help to give the video a fresh feel, and the music by the likes DJ Baku complements the riding really well, adding that lil extra atmosphere.
This DVD gave me the feeling of a movie about flatland, the quality is unbelievable, this definitely takes the production to the next level. Because of this I think this can reach a much wider audience than all of us on Global flat, and I guess that’s the point. You could show this to a class at school, and say this is Terry Adams, he’s a professional flatland rider, this is flatland.
The main surprises for me was that wasn’t any discussion with Scott O’Brien, and also I think Terry could have let people know about his contest preparation, what he does to get ready for a contest, no ones done that. And that would valuable to new comers to the sport.
I think this is the kind of DVD flatland has been needed for a while, Terry has put his  heart and soul into this project, and the end result is a great, honest 40 min DVD, with bangers, insight of how he made his love and passion for riding, into his career.  If more pro riders would show their life, I think flatland could blow up more than ever, it just depends if you want that.
If you love flatland, and have a dream of making it as a pro rider, go buy this from flatland fuel, if your into flatland, you already have this DVD. Think of Terry next time you are at your job that has nothing to do with riding…
Much respect to Terry for making “his dream a reality”

2008-11-19 - Effraim Catlow