New Frame From Hitman Bikes, the Judas

  Christian Simmonds, owner of Hitman Bikes, recently sent me his new flatland frame to check out. One of the first things I noticed was that it is light (under 4 pounds) and has drilled holes. Obviously the holes reduce weight, but I think it really gives the frame a unique look. Something a little different than other frames on the market. I also noticed the frame seems strong (sanko post weld heat treated chromoly) and sturdy compared to some other frames on the market. The quality is very nice and you just get the feeling after handling the frame that it won´t break anytime soon. The frame comes in gloss white and pearl apple (the color you see in the pictures). I was a little hesitate about how this frame would feel put together simply because it´s a straight tube frame instead of all bendy like my KHE.

All the angles and geometry seem right on for me. 19 inch top tube, 75 head tube, 71.75 seat tube. The cs is a little short, for me, but pretty much standard for most flatland frames at 12.75. I actually like the straight top tube, much better for decade type tricks or frame stand mega spins. The frame comes with a built in seat post clamp which is also something a little different than I´m used to. It works great, but takes a little getting used to not seeing a seat post clamp. It saves a few bucks too. The removable brake mounts are a nice touch as well. The frame comes with a mid bottom bracket. I personally think the frame should use a European bottom bracket, but it´s not a big deal. Mid is stronger, but might be bit overkill for a flatland frame.

  The frame rides really well and I was able to do most of my tricks first go. It´s responsive, comfortable just to sit and ride around on and the back end feels really good. I only have two issues with this frame. First, after putting chain tensioners on, the rear wheel is very close to the seat stay brace. I run 1.85 tires so 1.75 tires would probably be a little better. Again, it doesn´t hit, but it´s close enough to make you a little nervous. A 13 cs would probably be a little better. The other issue with the frame is the down tube. There´s enough clearance that my foot never got jammed up in there and it may just be what I´m used too, but the down tube could probably stand to be moved out of the way a little more.
  Overall, it´s a really nice bike and made really well. You can take a look at all the specific at the following site.Go to the Hitman Bikes Web Site to Check out more.

2008-10-19 - Bryan C. Huffman