MIKEY AITKEN Needs you and your Prayers

  Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike, who was injured on Sunday while riding with friends in Pennsylvania. Mike is currently in critical condition in the ICU at St. Luke´s hospital in Bethlehem, PA. His wife and parents have flown from Salt Lake City, UT to be by his side.

Mike was rushed to the hospital early Sunday afternoon after over-rotating a 360 and taking a severe blow to the head. Emergency staff immediately sedated Mike who was reportedly disoriented and convulsing, he has not regained consciousness since.

A ct scan revealed that there is currently no swelling of the brain, although there is an area that appears to have been injured by the fall. Further scans show breaks/fractures in Mike´s orbital bone, cheek, both sides of his jaw, as well as throughout his sinus cavities.

Mike is currently on assisted breathing, but is breathing on his own for the most part. He has shown some voluntary movement in his left arm and leg. His right side is currently only responding to pain stimuli, but doctors say that this is fairly common for an injury of this type and are hopeful about his recovery.

He is not currently responding when spoken to or asked to move his hand. But again, doctors say that this is common for this type of injury and are hopeful.

Mike could wake at any moment, or his condition could remain unchanged for days or even weeks.

Mike is strong, and we pray that he will find the strength to fight through this. We will try to update as we learn more about Mike´s condition.

Like many professional riders, Mike´s BMX career makes health insurance companies consider him too high of a risk, and he is deemed "Uninsurable". Despite multiple attempts to obtain health insurance he is currently uninsured. The donations that have been offered and support that has been shown are greatly appreciated.

We all love Mikey, and hope for the best.


The Aitken family would like to express their gratitude to all that have shown their support. The BMX community has really shown their love for Mike over the past couple of days.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Mike´s family at 50/50 and Fit, as well as the rest of his BMX family and those at the Athlete Recover Fund. There are many of you that Mike has always considered his brothers, and we know that your hearts are with him right now.

As expected, there has been no real change in Mike´s condition since yesterday. He suffered another seizure this morning, and has yet to regain consciousness.

Further testing this morning shows damage to Mikes brain stem as well as bleeds on his brain. What that means in regards to Mike´s recovery is not known at this time. We will update as more information is received.

Please keep Mike in your prayers.

2008-10-08 - By mike aitken.com