Intrikat Background DVD

Background, an arrangement of apparition and ambiance.

Directed and produced by Intrikat 2001.

Re-released 2008.

Seven years on and Intrikat have just released onto dvd, the “classic” Background, with “Foreground” Andrew Faris bonus section.

Starring: Terry Adams, Bobby Carter, Stephan Cerra, Phil Dolan, Anthony Durbano, Gonz, Chad Johnston, Alex Jumelin, Martti Kuoppa, Mike Macphaden, Lee Musselwhite, Akira Okamura, Nathan Penonzek, Tagi, Mike Sommer, Jody Temple, James White, Matt Wilhelm, Eno Yang, Kotaro Tanaka, Takashi Ito, Eugene Collins, Scott O Brien, Eric Stefano, Shawn White.


Look at that list of riders! What a cast. Going back to 2001, the contest scene was healthy, (X trials, X games, Worlds, etc). This video at the time seemed to capture the progression whilst also gaining exclusives, which these days are harder to get due to the internet.
I really like how Chad put this together, short sections, long sections, and also mixed up, really holds you to the video.
Seven years on, I immediately wanted to watch the footage of Martti Kuoppa again, his riding on this video on the infamous green quamen is some of his best and flatland best to date, I’m sure many have heard about the two footed hang five jump with no hands on the bar to crackpacker, even today that is gnarly.
Tagi’s section also stands the test of time, remember this guy. Riding at the infamous ralphs spot in Hollywood, and displaying a real original inside roiling style, inside karl jump to halfpacker 360 pivot out, inside karl bar flip inside xft karl bar flip inside xft karl. Amazing.
imageJames Whites home dj’ing skills come into effect on his sections, he without doubt contributes the most footage to this video, all manner of silky smooth juggler combos with whiteys signature halfhiker bar flips out.
Lee Musselwhite’s short section is very much still talked about to this day, especially the xft inside karl 360 pivot to backwards spinning halfpacker, groundbreaking stuff. 2001 remember?
Jeff Desroche makes a small appearance on this video and gives a hint of things to come in future years from him, steam flip to crackpacker bar flip to opposite xft steam out to 360 karl flip, his riding buddy of the time Mike Macphaden busted some nice turbine crackpackers, coathangers, the level of progression around this time is remarkable.
I could write for ages about this video, but honestly I cant see anyone being disappointed with this video, its one of the best ever. And the bonus contest footage of Andrew Faris, from 96 to 2000 showed how he pushed flatland, and dictates trends even today, look at the whoppers, even though Nitschke’s trick, Faris brought it to the fore, although only really just hit the mainstream contest scene this last two years.

Great soundtrack from the Beastie boys, Busdriva, CVE, Wu tang, etc.

Do yourself a favour, buy this either as history lesson, or for the memories, thanks Chad for the many years of motivation his videos have personally brought me.

2008-06-08 - Effraim Catlow